Taiwan Tour 聽舞觀聲/Lending Ear to Dance, Eye to Sound

Taipei Dance Circle (光環舞集) continues to bring their piece Lending Ear to Dance, Eye to Sound to theatres

Overtone Singing – the book

The book Overtone Singing. Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West is still available through the following chanels: * directly from Fusica, as hardcover or paperback * from our distributor Eburon in te Netherlands, as paperback.

De P van Parafonie: Walter Slosse’s alfabet

Walter Slosse’s Alfabet, een blog over de talloze programma’s die deze VPRO radioveteraan gemaakt heeft sinds de jaren ’70, vermengd met nieuw en oud nieuws, doet vandaag de P aan ….. over mijn geesteskind de Parafonie! Leest U snel verder: P van Parafonie

New article online/World Listening Day

Yesterday it was World Listening Day, initiated by a Chapter of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. This

RESONANCE Yeargroup 2016-2017

  The world is not for beholding; it is made for hearing. Jacques Attali, Noise, 1977   INFO/REGISTER Write us for more information (dates, prices, detailed class outline) and to register. COURSE DESCRIPTION The third year-group RESONANCE is about to start in September. Get the most out of your voice: learn new skills and facts.

Singing with the Bunun

Recently my Resonance students – plus a few guests – joined the second Sound Journey. The first Sound

Find Your Outer Voice & Inner Voice 3天 – 國際級泛唱老師 Mark van Tongeren

國際級泛唱老師 Mark van Tongeren 香港之旅,泛唱演唱會和 Find Your Outer Voice and Inner Voice 証書課程,適合想更好地運用自己聲音的朋友,萬勿錯過! 【泛唱 x 頌缽演奏會:聲音的旅程 Sonic Journeys】 Mark van

Hong Kong workshops/concert April 2016

(Link to Chinese version) In April I will be in Hong Kong again to teach two workshops and

3/20: 1-day Overtone singing workshop

Chinese information will be added, or write to chichenlyv@gmail.com for info in Mandarin. FOR WHOM On Sunday March

Dada is Dead. Long live Dada!

It is 100 hundred years ago since the very first event signified the beginning of Dada, the powerful

December 5/6: Nordic by Ming-Hwa Yeh

  We are embarking on an epic journey this weekend in a 3-hour multi-media/dance performance entitled Nordic, created

Jaap Blonk at TIIF in Taiwan

Last night fellow Dutchman Jaap Blonk arrived in Taiwan for a couple of gigs and a workshop, as

Vetter-Transverbal Workshop (1-day Taipei)

This one-day workshop introduces the work of the influential musician-painter-poet-thinker Michael Vetter. He developed many tools to let

Sound Journey: Art of Listening

中文 (Facebook) Meditations, contemplations and practices to get closer to yourself, to the body, to each other and

Workshop: learn to play the Jew’s Harp

  It is about time I start to teach some interesting musical instruments. The first workshop will be

Lending Ear to Dance, Eye to Sound

  This week Taipei Dance Circle (光環舞集) presents a new evening program with three new pieces, a little over a year after founder Liou Shaw-lu (劉紹爐) passed away. I got to know Shaw-lu over a decade ago when I was teaching at the Taipei National University of the Arts in Kuandu, not far from Taipei