Musical pearls from Tuva in Taiwan

本活動中文詳細資訊請見本信下方說明。TuvanPearls EDM: In April two excellent musicians and friends from Tuva are coming to Taiwan, so that people here can get better acquainted with this fascinating musical culture from the North. Get to know Tuvan music and culture and learn throat singing directly from established, original masters! be amazed by Tuva’s signature sounds of throat

Two Hong Kong workshops (May 1/2 & 3/4)

閱讀中文版 / Read more in Chinese. Next month, from May 1 to May 4 2015, I’ll be in

The Superstringtrio

The Superstringtrio does not play strings, counts two permanent members and sustains a holy belief in illusions. Parallel

The Book Overtone Singing: Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West

In Overtone Singing, ethnomusicologist and singer Mark van Tongeren provides a fascinating insight into the timeless and universal

Michael Vetter

MEETINGS WITH MICHAEL VETTER (1994-2005) Article originally published as part of the programme booklet of a concert in

Incognito ergo sum / Overtone singing marathon / PhD Defense

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts  of Leiden University has the pleasure to invite you for the

Obituary: Michael Vetter

MICHAEL VETTER September 17, 1943 – December 7, 2013 Through Natascha Nikeprelevic the sad news reached me this

Concerts Luc Houtkamp in Taiwan

In a few days composer/improviser Luc Houtkamp is arriving from the Netherlands. He is a much respected music

RIP Vladimir Oidupaa 1949-2013

Another brilliant and influential Tuvan musician passed away recently (september 2013): Vladimir Oyun Oidupaa. Here is an excerpt

Overtone singing Mark C. van Tongeren

Mark van Tongeren: Five elementary techniques ( 1:09 ) The vowel triad (1:08) Fundamental drone (0:16 ) Parallel

Collision Palace plays John Zorn’s Cobra

Collision Palace performing John Zorn’s Cobra as interpreted by Nathan Fuhr and ensemble 27 February 2004 Bimhuis, Amsterdam

Trailer “Space Sound Voice” – Overtone singing (English)

“Space Sound Voice – A Quest for the Origin of Harmonics” – 45min 2009 German. A film documentary

Mark van Tongeren 聲音之道 香港工作坊 by Sound Therapy HK

這是國際級泛唱老師 Mark van Tongeren 的首個香港工作坊。 Mark van Tongeren 是一位樸素的國際級老師,同時具備完整專業的聲樂學術背景及豐富的國際演出經驗,在音­樂、聲音、與人聲方面有25年的研究經驗。畢業於阿姆斯特丹大學 (University of Amsterdam) 的民族音樂學碩士,並取得荷蘭萊登大學 (Leiden University, the Netherlands) 之表演藝術博士學位。

Tzeng Shing-kwei and Mark van Tongeren electro-acoustic impro

This is a live recording from a composition of Taiwanese composer Tzeng Shing-Kwei for two voices and electronics.

4 Elements: Air The Paraphony Laboratory

In 2003, Dutch director Jiska Rickels won several awards with her critically acclaimed graduation film Untertage, about an

高教論壇「大學小革命音樂會」Mark Van Tongeren泛唱

泛唱(overtone singing),是一個人同時可以發出兩個以上聲音的歌唱。 每個人的聲音,都是自己最親近最熟悉的樂器, 也是與世界溝通的資源, 但我們對它的探索卻少之又少。 Mark在《OM泛唱作為藝乘》一書中曾經這麼說: 「希望大家先去除掉一些你已經習慣、已經會的發聲, 放慢速度去發一個字的聲音,仔細感覺所振動到的器官, 當你超越你的語言給你設定的範圍, 你就可以明白其中有多大的可能空間……」 探索自己身體感官的新可能,也是小革命的起點之一。