Beginners Workshop Overtone Singing

For English scroll down. 【2019 泛音初階工作坊】 〔課程內容〕


我們也會聆聽以及嘗試不同的泛音歌唱技巧。結合所有人的聲音來嘗試簡單直覺性的聲音架構,以及編曲概念。 當然,想要在一兩天內學會泛音歌唱是不可能的(雖然坊間很多宣稱可以馬上學會的廣告)。不過在兩天的工作坊中,你可以感受跟理解歌手要如何唱出清楚的泛音,透過現場感受聲音而增進聽力的細膩度,你也可以開始探索你未來可能想持續探索的歌唱方式、聲音。親身經歷,現場感受對於熟悉泛音(人類聲音的一個面向之一)非常重要。   每位參與者也會得到老師的個別指導,以了解自己的聲音與如何開始增進泛音技巧。

課程語言為英文,加上中文翻譯。 【日期】: 3/23 (六)、3/24 (日) 【時間】: 10:00-17:00 (中間午休一小時) 【學費】:

2018 in pictures (and some stories)

2018   Workhop and meetings in Hong Kong Once or twice yearly I teach workshops in English at

The Ouroboros Concert

Voor nederlands even naar beneden skrollen. Here is a letter I wrote earlier this year when I was about to turn 50 (want to get on the mailinglist too? let me know!): I love the number 49 and its symbolism. Much better than 50. So I prefer to send out a shout to everyone on

Oorbeek’s X-mas 7″

After some years of relative silence, the full seven-piece collective of Oorbeek reunited again this Summer to record

Focus on Holland concert Taipei

Excited about playing with some great Taiwanese and Dutch improvisers next week here in Taiwan. Wilbert de Joode,

Sound piece for The Fear of Small Numbers

I recently sat down to create a contribution for Serge Onnen‘s exhibition, opening tomorrow at the Kunstfort in

Sound Journey: Cycles and Rhythms

中文請往下滑   Four days to explore Time through exciting rhythms, solemn melodies and ritualistic cycles. Repeat repeat repeat.

Concert with Sinan Arat in Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

Over enkele weken doe ik een dubbelconcert met Sinan Arat in de Oosterkerk in amsterdam. Hij is vooral

Tyva Kyzy 20 year Anniversary World Tour

In 2015 I organised concerts and a workshop for Otkun Dostai and Choduraa Tumat here in Taiwan; in

An utterly adventurous intellectual exercise

Some notes and quotes from De Vergeten Wetenschappen. Een Geschiedenis van de Humaniora, (litterally: “The Forgotten Sciences. A

6 Hong Kong workshops in January 2018

(Link to Chinese version)   In January I will be visiting the great team of Soundtherapy Hong Kong

Bodies Performing Sound

I see improvisation as much more than a musical technique. While watching the performance of Joëlle Landrée, solo

Makigami Koichi comes to town (TPE)

The second Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival (TIIMF) is in full swing, with many events in Taipei and