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中文 (Facebook) Meditations, contemplations and practices to get closer to yourself, to the body, to each other and

Voice Yoga dates 2015

From now on (September 2015) there are two classes a week,  on the same day: Morning class: Tuesdays

Overtone Singing – the book

The book Overtone Singing. Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West is still available through the following chanels: * directly from Fusica, as hardcover or paperback * from our distributor Eburon in te Netherlands, as paperback.

Vetter-Transverbal Workshop (1-day Taipei)

This one-day workshop introduces the work of the influential musician-painter-poet-thinker Michael Vetter. He developed many tools to let

Workshop: learn to play the Jew’s Harp

  It is about time I start to teach some interesting musical instruments. The first workshop will be

Lending Ear to Dance, Eye to Sound

  This week Taipei Dance Circle (光環舞集) presents a new evening program with three new pieces, a little over a year after founder Liou Shaw-lu (劉紹爐) passed away. I got to know Shaw-lu over a decade ago when I was teaching at the Taipei National University of the Arts in Kuandu, not far from Taipei

Sept 5: Sound Travels concert

This Saturday evening (September 5, 19:30, at Yuppy Cafe/Bookstore) I’ll be doing a concert of songs I have

5/24: Free R E S O N A N C E Introduction Class

Sunday May 24 at Canjune’s Training Center in the Daan area, Taipei, from 10-12: an introduction to next year’s RESONANCE course. With information about the course, some exercises and a small concert by Mark to round it up. Canjune Training Centre, 4th Floor, number 3 , Lane 151, Fuxing South Road, Section 2, (this is

RESONANCE Yeargroup 2015-2016

download the RESONANCE Course Outline 閱讀中文版 pdf Download the full program (above) or read the R E S

Some pictures of Otkun and Choduraa’s visit

Photos from the workshop at Canjune’s Training Center by Mark:   Photos from the concerts at Wistaria Teahouse

Hong Kong workshops/concert September 2015

(Link to Chinese version) In September 2015 I will be in Hong Kong to teach two workshops.

Two Hong Kong workshops (May 1/2 & 3/4)

閱讀中文版 / Read more in Chinese. Next month, from May 1 to May 4 2015, I’ll be in Hong Kong to teach two workshops of overtone singing and body-voice-mind practise. We will work with themes such as breathing, resonance, vowels, sound meditation, healing potential of the voice, and of course overtone singing techniques. These short

Water Walk – John Cage by Oorbeek

Performed by OORBEEK NTR broadcasting from the Holland Festival, for John Cage’s 100th birthday. Line-up for Water Walk:

Concerts Luc Houtkamp in Taiwan

In a few days composer/improviser Luc Houtkamp is arriving from the Netherlands. He is a much respected music

Overtone singing Mark C. van Tongeren

Mark van Tongeren: Five elementary techniques ( 1:09 ) The vowel triad (1:08) Fundamental drone (0:16 ) Parallel

高教論壇「大學小革命音樂會」Mark Van Tongeren泛唱

泛唱(overtone singing),是一個人同時可以發出兩個以上聲音的歌唱。 每個人的聲音,都是自己最親近最熟悉的樂器, 也是與世界溝通的資源, 但我們對它的探索卻少之又少。 Mark在《OM泛唱作為藝乘》一書中曾經這麼說: 「希望大家先去除掉一些你已經習慣、已經會的發聲, 放慢速度去發一個字的聲音,仔細感覺所振動到的器官, 當你超越你的語言給你設定的範圍, 你就可以明白其中有多大的可能空間……」 探索自己身體感官的新可能,也是小革命的起點之一。

PULP247 Shanghai interview

Mark Van Tongeren explains overtone singing, and gives a demonstration on the Shanghai metro – because why not?