Can I sing sygyt for one minute without taking a breath?

Today I tried out something I do a few times a year: take a deep breath and see

2018 in pictures (and some stories)

2018   Workhop and meetings in Hong Kong Once or twice yearly I teach workshops in English at

The Ouroboros Concert

Voor nederlands even naar beneden skrollen. Here is a letter I wrote earlier this year when I was about to turn 50 (want to get on the mailinglist too? let me know!): I love the number 49 and its symbolism. Much better than 50. So I prefer to send out a shout to everyone on

Ode aan Walter Slosse (1947-2016)

Een jaar geleden (op 1 augustus 2016) overleed VPRO programmamaker Walter Slosse, met wie ik vele programma’s maakte,

Intriguing counterpoints: the ‘Kalachakra Ritual Offering Dance’ and Tibetan folk music

Here is something curious almost live from the web. Last week the Dalai Lama presided and led one

New article online/World Listening Day

Yesterday it was World Listening Day, initiated by a Chapter of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. This

Water Walk – John Cage by Oorbeek

Performed by OORBEEK NTR broadcasting from the Holland Festival, for John Cage’s 100th birthday. Line-up for Water Walk:

Overtone singing Mark C. van Tongeren

Mark van Tongeren: Five elementary techniques ( 1:09 ) The vowel triad (1:08) Fundamental drone (0:16 ) Parallel

高教論壇「大學小革命音樂會」Mark Van Tongeren泛唱

泛唱(overtone singing),是一個人同時可以發出兩個以上聲音的歌唱。 每個人的聲音,都是自己最親近最熟悉的樂器, 也是與世界溝通的資源, 但我們對它的探索卻少之又少。 Mark在《OM泛唱作為藝乘》一書中曾經這麼說: 「希望大家先去除掉一些你已經習慣、已經會的發聲, 放慢速度去發一個字的聲音,仔細感覺所振動到的器官, 當你超越你的語言給你設定的範圍, 你就可以明白其中有多大的可能空間……」 探索自己身體感官的新可能,也是小革命的起點之一。