Sound Journey to Tuva 2018

中文請往下>> After a 2016 ‘pilot’ Sound Journey to Tuva, Fusica/Mark van Tongeren presents a new Journey to Tuva

RESONANCE course 2017-2018

For English scroll down, or ask for digital brochure by mailing us.   聲音的共鳴 年度工作坊 2017 – 2018 探索人類聲音隱藏的淺能—用泛音跟新的音質來創造音樂;

Improvise! With Koichi Makigami

中文請往下>>> This afternoon is for anyone interested in improvising with sound and music, from professionals (voice/instruments) to absolute beginners. Makigami Koichi is one of the special international guests for the second Taiwan International Improvisation Music Festival, doing several gigs around Taipei in this week. Mr. Koichi is a master at manipulating groups of musicians, from

Stem/Voice Workshop in Amsterdam

(for English see below) Het is al weer jaren geleden dat Mark van Tongeren in Nederland een workshop

Hong Kong workshops/concert May 2017

(Link to Chinese version) In May I will be in Hong Kong again to teach differently-themed workshops around the

Singing with the Bunun

Recently my Resonance students – plus a few guests – joined the second Sound Journey. The first Sound

3/20: 1-day Overtone singing workshop

Chinese information will be added, or write to for info in Mandarin. FOR WHOM On Sunday March

Vetter-Transverbal Workshop (1-day Taipei)

This one-day workshop introduces the work of the influential musician-painter-poet-thinker Michael Vetter. He developed many tools to let

Sound Journey: Art of Listening

中文 (Facebook) Meditations, contemplations and practices to get closer to yourself, to the body, to each other and

Workshop: learn to play the Jew’s Harp

  It is about time I start to teach some interesting musical instruments. The first workshop will be