The RESONANCE retreat in Bali

There are several exciting events on my calendar for the coming months. A very special one for me

Sound Journey: Cycles and Rhythms

中文請往下滑   Four days to explore Time through exciting rhythms, solemn melodies and ritualistic cycles. Repeat repeat repeat.

ABOUT THIS SOUND JOURNEY In this Sound Journey, Mark will guide you through an intense and amazing exploration of resonance, overtones, timbre, rhythm, harmony… In the 1990s he learned that sound, music, resonance and cyclical patterns can be powerful tools for change and transformation. These tools sit at the center of our being and are

Concert with Sinan Arat in Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

Over enkele weken doe ik een dubbelconcert met Sinan Arat in de Oosterkerk in amsterdam. Hij is vooral

Tyva Kyzy 20 year Anniversary World Tour

In 2015 I organised concerts and a workshop for Otkun Dostai and Choduraa Tumat here in Taiwan; in

6 Hong Kong workshops in January 2018

(Link to Chinese version)   In January I will be visiting the great team of Soundtherapy Hong Kong

RESONANCE course 2017-2018

For English scroll down, or ask for digital brochure by mailing us.   聲音的共鳴 年度工作坊 2017 – 2018 探索人類聲音隱藏的淺能—用泛音跟新的音質來創造音樂;

Improvise! With Koichi Makigami

中文請往下>>> This afternoon is for anyone interested in improvising with sound and music, from professionals (voice/instruments) to absolute beginners. Makigami Koichi is one of the special international guests for the second Taiwan International Improvisation Music Festival, doing several gigs around Taipei in this week. Mr. Koichi is a master at manipulating groups of musicians, from

Stem/Voice Workshop in Amsterdam

(for English see below) Het is al weer jaren geleden dat Mark van Tongeren in Nederland een workshop