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Mark’s personal introduction to teaching music, sound and performance

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I offer various programs for those interested to learn with me. Before presenting an overview, let me introduce my general attitude to the voice, singing and the performing arts in general. As a performer, voice teacher, music researcher and scholar I have devoted much time and energy to reach a stage where I feel truly free about using sound and voice in any way I want. It was not always easy to follow this path. But I can confidently say that I have enjoyed every step I took, from the very early beginnings, when I had no clue I would some day call myself a ‘singer’ or a ‘performer’.

I am not only aiming for technique, expression, skill or beauty in music.
In the course of many years of practice, and by facing many failures and new challenges, I realised that one of the most important things for me is to enjoy not only what I aim for or know well, but also what is unexpected and unknown. It has become sort of my mission to tap into a hidden creative potential, both of myself and of people I work with or train.

My aims in working with the voice, sound and music as a teacher are two-fold:

1. To give proper, well-informed training and guidance, supported by tools and information from reliable scientific/artistic sources. Very often this is aimed at specific goals (for example, learning to sing overtones). A solid training on a professional level, but for students of any background.

2. To teach people to use the voice as a powerful, transformational medium at the very center of their whole being (body and mind). A medium rich with emotions, hidden messages, unique qualities, uncertainties, and so on. By exploring all kinds of voices together, we connect with hidden potentials, sometimes of considerable power.

MarkVanTongerenNCCU2Much of my teaching uses these two strategies. I feel that a one-sided approach to skill/technique or ‘art’ does not work for all people. Even many music professionals I have worked with are delighted to let go of predefined artistic templates and get to know deeper, fundamental ways of expression that defy regular artistic,  scientific or communicative concepts and practices.

voice yoga
My weekly Voice Yoga class in Taipei is open for anyone at anytime (provided I am in the country). It is a simple and accessible way to open up unexpected possibilities of the voice, and also includes such things as breathing and listening skills. Read more, including some participants’ comments, here.

In September 2014 the first RESONANCE Yeargroup started. It quickly filled up so we organised a second, parallel course. In september 2015 a new group will start and several days or weekends will be organised for old students so they can continue to explore sound and music together. RESONANCE is losely centred around working with vocal harmonics (overtone singing) and timbre. It includes a wide range of topics and practices drawn from folk, Buddhist and Christian music traditions and chanting and from various kind of new music where you can explore the untapped potentials of your own voice.

With much attention for detail and for your personal qualities, RESONANCE gives a big boost to your skill, your pleasure and your understanding of the voice – YOUR voice! The next course starts in September 2015. On May 24,  2015 there will be a free presentation (10-12 AM) to learn more about RESONANCE, followed by another one (with a concert) early September. Register for this presentation or ask for a folder here.
international workshops

Every once a while there are international workshops, such as the ones in Hong Kong, which are English-spoken only. A great opportunity for English speakers to learn overtone singing and many more ways of using and freeing the voice, in a short time-frame. Learn more here.

sound advice/coaching

Voice-professionals (speakers, singers) seeking help to improve their performance and work on their vocal presence can contact Mark. We will make an appointment to get more out of your voice.

skype and private/group classes
Those interested in learning overtone singing may consider the possibility of Skype classes or arrange a private or group class. Your choir can learn to do more with timbre, achieving better overall sound quality. Techniques range from work on intonation, timbre and listening to achieve a more homogenised sound, to exploring and implementing a wider range of vocal timbres.
other workshops
Mark van Tongeren copyright 2012 by Yi-Jin Hsieh
There are irregular short introduction workshops on voice improvisation, overtone singing, Jew’s harp playing and other themes.
Institutional/corportate presentations
Aside 6 Invite
In addition to voice classes, Mark has given many lectures, lecture-performances or personalised presentations for schools, universities, institutions, businesses …. Themes may range from very specific (Siberian music, overtone singing) to very general (what is sound? why do we love music?), and can be made interactive. Send an email or call if you have a request.
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