12/8: Overtone singing workshop Taipei

On Saturday december 8, I will teach another one-day overtone singing workshop, for those who want to get to know more about this singing technique.

(info in chinese below)

The workshop is in the Shi-Da area. There will be full Chinese translation and you can find more info on http://www.hansuna.blogspot.com/

teaching at Taidong’s St. Mary’s hospital, March 2012

Paraphony is Mark van Tongeren’s approach to sound and music. It reflects his longstanding practice and study of musical techniques from Tuva, Mongolia & Tibet, musical improvisation, avant-garde and experimental music, theatre and performance art, as well as yoga and meditation.

This basic workshop is an introduction to that approach for musicians and non-musicans alike. In the morning we will start with my Dao of Voice  exercises to develop attention for body, mind and sound, and explore basic techniques for using the resonances of the natural voice.

After a lunch break, we will listen to and try specific techniques for singing harmonics, and combine voices to work with simple sound structures and compositions. We will finish with a group improvisation.

  • Date: december 8
  • Time: 9:30-16
  • Cost: 3000 NT$
  • Bring a friend: pay 5000 instead of 6000 NT$
  • Max. pax: 12
  • Place: very near the Shi-Da night market: details will be sent. The workshop takes place at Hans de Back / Una Kao’s  singing bowl/aromatherapy studio.

Registrations at Una’s can only be confirmed after November 30. If you don’t read Chinese and are interested to join, or if you have any questions drop me an email (mark@fusica.nl) to get all the details.

(don’t forget to check our next blog announcing a shorter, but weekly session of Voice of Dao: that is not an overtone singing workshop, but highly recommended to attune mind-body through sound.)

“聲音瑜珈”… 泛音工作坊

 Voice Yoga by Mark van Tongeren

時間: 早上9:30 ~ 下午4:00
主題: Voice Yoga * 泛音工作坊
老師: Mark van Tongeren
費用: NT$3000/每場
人數: 12位


在馬克老師返回歐洲前,五月將舉辦兩天的 Voice Yoga 工作坊。
也會對我們自己的聲音 有更寬廣的探索與領悟!
這次特別邀請 台大音樂系研究所助教 協助翻譯,
馬克老師blog: http://fusica.wordpress.com/

* 報名優惠 *
– 參加過{玩聲音音樂會}者: 可抵$600元
– 兩人同行: NT$5000

* 匯款帳號 *
銀行: 第一銀行 古亭分行 (代號:007)
帳號: 171-68-063496
姓名: 高立言

* 心得分享 *
他的聲音超越了美,對我而言,那是真實,包容了好聽 及無法定義的奇幻!

有一場演出,馬克老師說: 他一開始發出的聲音{很醜}! 哈~{醜}的聲音?!


1995年獲頒吐瓦的 《國際喉音泛唱獎》; 2000年出版 Overtone Singing一書。
重要的是: 當你明白馬克是如何對聲音臣服,如何忠於自己的心