About F u s i c a

Fusica was established by Mark van Tongeren in 1998 as an umbrella for his activities as a free-lance artist, writer, musician, publisher. Since his youth, he was fascinated by the interplay of arts and sciences, or the humanities and physics. When seeking a name that could reflect his desire to keep these two seeming opposites in balance, he chose to combine three words:

• the Latin word for music (musica and its Greek counterpart μουσική (mousikè, referring pimarily to poetry and the art of singing. They represent arts, humanities and a qualititive outlook.
• the Greek word for physics (φυσική/fusikè) and its Latin equivalent fusica, representing science, math and a quantitive outlook).
• fusion

Fusica stands for the meeting of physics and music, and of science and art. In a more general way Fusica denotes the fusion that arises from seeming opposites such as body and mind, or yin and yang. The activities of Fusica are grounded in an interest of studying and exploring the co-existence of these contrasting forces.


Fusica Logo

The Fusica logo was created by Mark who is often asked about its meaning.

Every answer is basically correct, since it symbolises “the secret of the universe”, encompassing all there is. Feel free to leave your comment on the logo below!

Some of the guesses:


It’s an EGG



It is a plectrum to play a guitar


It seems like you are looking into a throat. Or actually it is a double PacMan.



It has to do with the vowel triangle.



It is an ANGEL



It is someone waving his arms very fast.



All photographs by Mark van Tongeren unless otherwise mentioned. For public use, please refer to the photographers, including Jochem Hartz, Yi-Jin Hsieh, Nienke Berghuis, Basten Stokhuyzen.

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Audioplayer and mp3s by Mark van Tongeren, Parafonia, deciBell, Oorbeek, and other named artists.

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