Oorbeek Challenge and Playlist

Oorbeek: Almost Certainly Not Influenced By Voor Nederlands rol naar beneden / 中文請往下滑   Good news for the

Online 1-on-1 Voice Lessons

Are you learning overtone singing or throat singing, or working on the specifics of vocal timbre, and looking

The Overtone Singing Book

Overtone Singing is the most comprehensive book ever written on the hidden harmonies of the human voice. Ethnomusicologist

Ocean of Voices with the Bunun – 2024

Mark is taking a short break from physical workshops and postponing some that were planned already to later this year. Please check back here, get on the email-list  or ask to be notified for a specific workshop. 馬克暫時停止舉辦實體工作坊,並將已計畫的工作坊延期至下半年。 請回來查看此頁,或是加入馬克的電子報,或來信告訴我們,你想要即時收到哪個特定工作坊的最新消息。   中文請往下滑 It has been many years since the first time I brought my students to my old acquaintances,

Learning Tibetan chant with Dr. Ricardo Canzio

We will soon start another cycle of classes in Tibetan Bön chanting in Taipei. In this post I

Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat

VOICE YOGA WINTER SOLSTICE RETREAT December 21- 24 2023 Be timeless in sound   Three and a half

Must-See exhibits in Taipei

Last week Kustaa Saski‘s exhibition of tapestries opened in a new location run by the locally-known architect Siu Siu (Cha Cha). It was comissioned by June (pictured on top, with me, amidst three tapestries) about 5 years ago, after he exhibited in Taiwan through curator Frank, of Doublegrass. I remember we met Kustaa at several


HYPNOKYO or how to combine the art of writing meaningful non-sense texts with hypnosis methods   Next week

2022 in sounds, sights and smells

Events by the Taiwan Overtone Singing Association and IUooUI The year began with our new performance group, IUooUI

Book Launch 1, 2 & 3

Join me this weekend for the first of three launch events of the book and album Overtone Singing.