Time Project Event / Venue City / Country
11/2023 Le rêve 夢境 with Arnaud Lechat (clarinet) and Zhan Ya Chun (dance) NYCU Arts Center Taoyuan, Taiwan
10/2023 O TRIOM Overtone Singing Concert for Michael Vetter Dreamphony Hall Taipei, Taiwan
08/2023 Concerts at Ancient Trance Festival Ancient Trance Festival Taucha, Germany
04/2023 Taishin Bank Noon Concert Taishin Bank Taipei, Taiwan
04/2023 Le rêve 夢境 with Arnaud Lechat (clarinet) and Zhan Ya Chun (dance) Muge Art Space 木各美術 Taipei, Taiwan
03/2023 MEI GARDEN CONCERT with Jackal, Amang, Sunny Meimen Garden Taipei, Taiwan
02/2023 Gong for Humanity Zhongli Arts Hall 中壢藝術館 Taoyuan, Taiwan
02/2023 Pillow night concert with Arnaud Lechat (clarinet) and Zhan Ya Chun (dance) Wenism Café Taipei, Taiwan
01/2023 Pillow night concert with Arnaud Lechat (clarinet) and Zhan Ya Chun (dance) Wenism Café Taipei, Taiwan
09/2022 World Jaw Harp Music Festival Taiwan World Jaw Harp Music Festival Taiwan Nantou, Taiwan
08/2022 Tweak by IUooUI Taipei Fringe Festival Taipei, Taiwan
06/2022 Metamorphosed with Amale Gadhu, Lee Shih-Yang and Arnaud Lechat Lin’s Culture Taipei, Taiwan
05/2022 In Einem Moment – 须臾 by Yang Song world primiere radio broadcast – SR 2 KulturRadio online
04/2022 No-War Benefit Concert with various musicians Lin’s Culture Taipei, Taiwan
01/2022 Hsu Po-Yun’s 60th Musical Anniversary National Concert Hall Taipei, Taiwan
12/2021 More than Songs with Lee Shih-Yang and Arnaud Lechat NTU Center of Arts – The Odeum Taipei, Taiwan
12/2021 The Latencies Project: the Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival online+offline Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center Amsterdam &Taipei
11/2021 CONCERT WITH LEE SHIH-YANG AND ARNAUD LECHAT 音樂微旅行 TT Music Space Taipei, Taiwan
12/2020 Winter Solstice concert, With Shan Shan, Rou Lin (Amis musicians), and Shaun Roos & Hui Hung from Teal Studios Moonlight Inn Dulan, Taiwan
09/2020 What is the sound of a butterfly? with Hans de Back Telecommunication Training Institute Banqiao Taipei, Taiwan
03/2020 SOUND OUT! R E S O N A N C E with workshop students Artalley Cafe Taipei, Taiwan
03/2020 DUTCH RHAPSODY with Mark Alban Lotz, Alan Gunga Purves, Elizabeth Ditmanson, Lin Hsiao-Feng Lin’s Culture Taipei, Taiwan
01/2020 Ting Shuo Hear Say (Tainan): Performance 24 with various artists 聽說 Ting Shuo Hear Say Tainan, Taiwan
12/2019 Perfumance: for voice, daf and instruments with Monka Kaveh Ahangari Aromajoint Taipei, Taiwan
09/2019 concert with Sayun Chang (percussion) 隨想製噪表演 Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) (臺灣當代文化實驗場 C-LAB) Taipei, Taiwan
09/2019 Living room concert Hualien, Taiwan
06/2019 Catching my breath without oxygen, with choreographer Ming-Hwa Yeh Rooftop of Wellspring Spa hotel Yilan, Taiwan
2019 UNDER THE TREE OF LIFE Taipei, Taiwan
11/2018 Focus on Holland Concert National Recital Hall Taipei, Taiwan
07/2018 The Ouroboros Concert with Sinan Arat Oosterkerk Amsterdam, the Netherlands
05/2018 Dotolim concert Dotolim Seoul, South Korea



Time Title Category
2022 Revised third edition of Overtone Singing – Harmonic Dimensions of the Human Voice. Terranova Press book
2022 CD Travel to the Moon CD
2020 LP Kavel, Oorbeek, Stichting Fijn Lawaai (vocals, electronics, various small instruments) LP
2008 CD Sphere, by Paraphony, direction Mark van Tongeren. Fusica CD
2007 CD Odna / Alone, liner notes, throat singing, Naxos CD
2007 CD Deer Woman: soloist, voice and instruments (CanJune, Taiwan); Nominated for Golden Melody Awards Taiwan, 2008 CD
2006 Lift-Off by Parafony Laboratory, for soundtrack of Four Elements, Jiska Rickels, Fu Works CD, DVD CD,DVD
2005 Secret Sounds, CD with CDROM, concert recordings of project with Jack Body (2001), with CDROM about overtone singing and Jew’s Harps around the world (van Tongeren and Tadagawa) (Music School, Victoria University) CD, CD-ROM
2005 Meetings with Michael Vetter (1994 – 2005), essay, Journal of Aesthetic Education (2006), Taiwan article
2005 CD Etos and CD Do Not Play Loud, Oorbeek, Stichting Fijn Lawaai CD
2004 Libérateurs de Sonorité, CD by Oorbeek CD
2004 DVD Khoomei – An overtone Singing workshop with Mark C. van Tongeren, and articles, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Taipei, Taiwan (in Chinese) DVD
2002-03 Contributions to CDs of PAN Records, Leiden: Nadezhda Kuular and Fieldwork of Dutch Ethnomusicologists
2002 Overtone Singing – Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West. Book with CD Fusica, Amsterdam book/CD
2002 Whistle in the Wind, production and guest singer, liner notes for CD of the Mongolian group Altai Khairkhan. NAIT/Window to Europe CD
2001 Paraphony – Extended Harmonic Techniques. CD, Ode Records CD
2001 Secret Sounds, interactive CD-ROM for exhibition in the Adams Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand CD-ROM
2001 Darkness to Light, CD, Music School, Victoria Universtity of Wellington, New Zeeland CD
1999 Gone with the Wind, text, North Asia Institute Tengri and Window to Europe, by Mongolian quartet Altai Hangai
1995-97 CD- and concertreviews, NRC/Handelsblad CD
1995 ‘A Tuvan Perspective on Throat Singing’, Oideion 2, Yearbook of the Dutch Society for Ethnomusicology. Leiden article
1995 ‘A Worldwide Perspective on Overtone Singing’, Journal Xöömej. Kyzyl: Gospriyatiye Xöömej (Rusland) article
1994 Thesis: Xöömej in Tuva: new developments, new dimensions article