What is the Sound of a Butterfly?


This is a sound healing celebration jointly performed by singing bow/ gong master Hans de Back and ethnomusicologist / overtone singer Mark van Tongeren. This is not only a concert with its interweaving of light and sound; it is also a sound bath. You can sit and listen to the musical sounds, or lie down and let the sound wave wash over your body as in bathing. These two Dutch musician can be seen as pioneers of sound healing in Taiwan. Their last joint performance was a House Concert in 2014.
On the eve of the Autumnal Equinox, we present to you What is the sound of a butterfly?. Combining numerous musical instruments and the two friend’s chemistry for playing together, this event will be a real treat. It will soon mark itself as a new chapter of Sound Healing Performance in Taiwan. Hope to see you soon, and share with you the vibration of these two masters.
這是由國內頌缽銅鑼音療暨演奏的重量級大師 Hans de Back與民族音樂學者暨梵唱音樂家 Mark van Tongeren 共同演出的聲波療癒盛典,這不僅是一場聲光結合的音樂會,也是一場療癒整合的聲波浴。您可以坐著觀賞與聆聽美妙悅耳之音,也可以躺著讓聲波如沐浴般穿透全身。這兩位荷蘭籍國內音樂家,可稱為台灣聲音療癒的先驅者,他們自2014年10月17日共同舉辦『客廳音樂會』之後,未曾再聯手演出。


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The Program

A Journey in Four Parts following the spectacular transformations from Egg to Butterfly. Featuring the sound waves, pulses and vibrations of singing bowls, temple bells, gongs, voice, overtone singing, shruti box, Jew’s harp, zarb & ocean drum.



Ocean drum

Temple Bells

Jew’s harps

Tranquility rules inside The Egg.

Nothing separate.

All is Self.

All is Life.

Silent pulses, calm waves.


Bowed, rubbed and struck Chinese Gongs

Spectral Voice


The Big Breakthrough.

See the sunlight from above. Smell succulent green leaves below your belly.

Eat your egg! Eat your leaf! Bathe in the sun!

Spectacular growth, shedding skin after skin.

Big Singing Bowls


The tiny unmanifested larva became an adult with a mission.

Heading straight for your next destination.

Then the colourful eightlegged tanker sheds legs and the head capsule, with six eye lenses.


Shruti Box and Overtone singing

Withdrawal from sunlight and curious onlookers.

Back to basics in a simple pupa – your sturdy floating tent.

Rolled up into your own world, you watch the rays of inner light and hear the waves of inner sound that no one else senses.

You find … you create … a world unseen and unheard … a world of harmonious splendour.


Zarb drum and Jew’s harp

With all your power, every cell and organ of your body changes.

You are up to something bigger, grander, more mysterious and more spectacular than anything else.

Bigger but more fragile, you gather all your strength to re-apparean into the world of outer lights and sounds.

The dance of life takes a dramatic turn.


Thai Gongs

Chinese Gong

Big Singing Bowls


Jew’s harps

Shock of transformation.

Your wildest dance yet is beginning.

Who has ever seen such a scene before?

Explorations, Resistance, Doubt, Magnetic Pull, Quirky Movements, Driving Forces, a neverending Current to the Point of no Return.

Crossing continents in the clouds. Stunned onlookers. Spectacular display. Mating.


Small singing bowls

tank drums

overtone singing

One cycle completed in the Eternal Cycles behind and ahead of you.

Tranquility rules inside The Egg.

Nothing separate.

All is Self.

All is Life.

Silent pulses, calm waves.


時間:14:00~16:00 (13:30開放入場)
地點:中華電信學院板橋所 綜合大樓7樓演奏廳
一般票價 $2,500/人;早鳥票價 $2,200/人;早鳥團體票$20,000/10人(早鳥價截止日期:2020/09/05)
Date : September 19th
Time: 14:00~16:00 (13;30 door open)
Location:Telecommunication Training Institute Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
No.168 Minzu Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, 22065, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Gong Cosmos
Contact: Julie Chiu / chiu.consult@gmail.com /TEL: 0975-929-208Regular 2500/ Early Bird:2200 (ends 2020/09/05)
Early Bird Group Tickets: 20,000/10 people


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2x Hans & Mark