Mongolian Overtone Singing film online


Tserendavaa Dörvön Berkh

Tserendavaa in Dörvön Berkh

For all the khöömii (Mongolian throat singing) enthusiasts: the French, 2010 film Masters of Mongolian Overtone Singing is now online, with English subtitles. In this film scholar Johanni Curtet brings together 4 excellent Mongolian throat singers. They talk about their singing and work together for a concert tour for the first time.  Quite a challenge, because throat singers of this status usually work solo or with instrumentalists. Watch it for those always-impressive Mongolian landscape images and its singing inhabitants; for that unusual Mongolian habit of bloating the stomach to enormous proportions before singing khöömii – don’t try this at home! :-); for thoughtful commentary of Curtet; for learning about the way singers handle the ongoing national and global-connections; and much more – just have a look!

Link to the film.

I also wrote a review of the CD of Pan Records by the four musicians for the ICTM Yearbook, which you can find here: ICTM Review Dörvön Berkh.

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