Earport Recordings online

Earlier this year I took part in composer Paul Oomen’s Earport project. Earport seemlessly fused a string of several very different musicians and groups together, on two consecutive nights, by letting them overlap for about ten minutes with the act before them and the one after them. So we all did a solo show, and collaborated with the two other groups or musicians. In my case, I began in a duet with Debby Korfmacher, a kora player and singer, and was followed-up by a trio of panflute players, called the AmsterdamPanfluit Ensemble. These last recordings are now online, the links you can find below.

E@RPORT presents

Mark van Tongeren meets Amsterdams Panfluit Ensemble

…vocals and panpipes melt into a static atmosphere of pure sound, a musical space for the listener to wander and discover unknown territory …

Listen NOW @

part 1 – www.earportamsterdam.nl/#77

part 2 – www.earportamsterdam.nl/#78

part 3 – www.earportamsterdam.nl/#79


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