Book Launch 1, 2 & 3

Join me this weekend for the first of three launch events of the book and album Overtone Singing. The first one will be most suitable for people on Asian time (Saturday 7 January  at 12 AM for Taipei/Hong Kong) and LA time (US) on Friday 6 January at 8 PM). The second one takes place

Winter – Spring Program 2023

Concerts, workshops and other events coming up. Details below 中文請往下滑 January 27-30, 2023 Workshop Ocean of Voices Saturday

R E S O N A N C E 2 0 2 3

March 18-21, May 20-23,  2023 RESONANCE Scroll down for English 「聲音作為一個自我探索的途徑。」 Sound as a path for self-discovery 音樂深深地觸動你嗎?你希望你的聲音也能深深地觸動他人嗎? 你相信音樂與聲音其實是一種強而有力的轉化工具,而你應該更多了解它嗎? 你希望學習到如何讓說話的聲音聽起來像音樂,也讓唱歌的聲音輕鬆的自然流露,跟說話一樣容易嗎?   【共鳴】是指聲音與其他振動細微的交互作用。   【聲音的共鳴】 泛音密集課程將教導你打破既有的聆聽與發聲習慣 讓你能夠發揮聆聽聲音與製造聲音(說話、吟詠、歌唱)的無限潛能。 允許很多(內在與外在的)的聲音以一個更平衡的方式彼此共振,這需要時間。 在現今匆忙的世界裡,我們總是想要做太多的事。 這個課程邀請你以8天,2個工作坊的方式,傳授你完整的泛音詠唱技巧 同時在3個月的時間,逐漸吸收新的使用聲音的方式; 在老師與助教的陪同下,找出自己唱出泛音的方式 汲取關於聲音與聆聽的想法;讓聲音引導信念、讓信念轉化成聲波能量   【聲音它至高無上的重要性】 泛音演唱技巧是本門課的核心訓練 沉浸在泛音的人聲共鳴 還有愛唱也愛聽,但頭腦卻不知道的泛音序列。 你不僅將知識上的了解聲音的共振,同時也能技術性的駕馭自己聲音的共振。 我們將會使用各種不同的方式學習,包括有各種聲音練習、聲音質譜分析軟體、教材等 實際訓練方法將以個人化並富有創意的方式進行。 透過專門的指導和課後練習,你將能夠更自由地表達自我 運用你聲音中本自俱足的豐富音色。   【8天的課程單元】 8天的課程、分為2個單元 讓你從發聲、找出泛音、唱出泛音、探索泛音、建立自己演唱風格 [單元一] 初階泛音詠唱工作坊 探索外在聲音到內在聲音 – 找到力量、玩出創造力 4天的時間 來探索、開發、學習、創造 外在聲音 –

Some recent videos

A remarkable bird visits our home, combined with a remarkable instrument. I listen to invisible machines.   Crème

Ocean of Voices with the Bunun

中文請往下滑 It has been many years since the first time I brought my students to my old acquaintances,

Book and Audio Anthology published

A few days ago, Overtone Singing – Hidden Dimensions of the Human Voice has arrived at its distribution

Overtone Singing Book Pre-Sale started

  After three years of editing (text), drawing, scanning (illustrations), mastering (audio) and revising under the guidance of very capable editors, Overtone Singing – Hidden Dimensions of the Human Voice is now getting ready for printing and distributing. It was nearly 20 years ago when I first met the new publisher, David Rothenberg, in his

New album Travel to the Moon

This album marks the official ending of a long period of doubt and uncertainty what to do with

Introducing: IUooUI

A new group called IUooUI is going to give its first series of full performances. Most of us

World Premiere of Yang Song’s In Einem Moment 须臾

This weekend a new work by Chinese-German composer Yang Song in which my voice and Jew’s harp are

Dutch-Formosan Connections

Last Thursday I was in Tainan for a performance with other artists working in Taiwan and the Netherlands.

No-War Benefit Concert

Last weekend Lin Xiao-Fen from Lin’s Culture held a benefit concert for the victims of the war in

Performing Hsu Po-Yun’s Mood Field (1977)

The last two weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. When we were about to

Founding the Taiwan Overtone Singing Association

On 12/12/2021 we started the founding of the TOSA, or Taiwan Overtone Singing Association. It was an old

The Latencies Project

The concert that is the main feature of this year’s Taiwan International Improvisation Music Festival (#IV) is all about the creative challenges you get when you have to deal with certain technical shortcomings. In this case: the time lag of the internet when you play music together. In everyday life this happens when you speak

Waterorgan with Joachim Hartz (1961-2021)

Lees de uitgebreide Nederlandse versie onder de video. Today is the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the