Tuvans Tour Europe March ’10

Tuva (officially spelled Tyva) is organising presentations throughout Europe during the month of March. Musicians, dancers, handicraftsmen and visual artists started their tour in Finland and travel through Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain.

The Presentation of Republic of Tyva takes place:

in Helsinki (Finland) – March 1st and 2d,

in Warsaw (Poland) – March 6th, 7th and 8th
ul. Belwederska 25

in Vienna (Austria) – March 11th, 12th and 13th
Brahmsplatz 8, 1040, Wien, Österreich
Теl.: 0043/1/505 18 29 – 0

in Berlin (Germany) – March 15th and 16th
Russische Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur
Friedrichstraße 176-179

in Brussel (Belgium) – March 17th – 18th
Centre Culturel et Scientifigue de Russie 21,
rue du Meridien – 1210 Bruxelles

in Lille (France) – March 19th – 21th
in Paris (France) – March 21th-25th

in Madrid (Spain) – March 26th and 27th
Centro Ruso de Cooperacion Internacional Cultural y Cientifica Calle Velazquez, 155, Madrid, 28002, Espana

The best of Tuvan culture is in the Presentation’s programme:
* rituals conducted by Tuvan shamans led by the the main shaman of Tuva,
* ethno-dances by children ensemble “Edegey”, the winner of the International contests,
* expo of the handicrafts and traditional cloth,
* exhibition of the treasery ofScythian barrow “Arzhaan-II”,
* exhibition dedicated to the religions in Tyva (shamanism and buddism),
* photo-exhibition about Tuva in the beginning of XXth century and today,
* concerts and workshop of master throat-singers.

Updates can be found on the Overtone Music Network


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