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Mark is taking a short break from physical workshops and postponing some that were planned already to later this year.
Please check back here, get on the email-list  or ask to be notified for a specific workshop.

April 15|4月15日

Free Online Overtone Singing Class 免費泛音詠唱線上課

From now on I start teaching online one-on-one voice classes!
I am offering two free online sessions for two learning pathways that you can just try out if you are interested, without further obligations.
If you have any issues with your overtone singing technique, overall resonance or vocal delivery, or wish to develop more grounding or authenticity in your voice, I am here to help with that.
So to start with, I have outlined two main sorts of questions that I can help with:
1. overtone singing in a therapeutic way,
2. overtone singing as a musical, artistic path.
The first one does not emphasise too many technical issues and musical terms, and is more focused on being completely present and as resonant as needed (a big booming sound is certainly not what everyone needs, on the contrary).
The second path is for those who want to know exactly what overtones they sing and use that in musical contexts. Obviously, the two paths can be totally mixed up. Personally I have always combined the therapeutic with the artistic. But not everyone is interested in scales and intervals, neither do they need to be, so if you decide to take some lessons this is one thing that you need to figure out.
In online classes, you will
– try out some exercises with me
– get your questions and concerns answered
– understand more about my overtone singing approach
Do join if you like! Just sign up and we give you the access details.
Free Online Overtone Singing Class – Therapeutic Pathway
▶ Date & Time: 15. April 19:00
Free Online Overtone Singing Class – Artistic Pathway
▶ Date & Time: 15. April 20:00
▶ Place: Online (Zoom meeting)
▶ Fee: FREE!
▶ Language: English
▶ Sign up:
(Once signing up through this link, we will send you the link to the online meeting room as soon as possible. You will be automatically added to my mailing list. You can unsubscribe at anytime).


April 18|4月18日

Perfect Improvisation 完美即興

>>>> Learn more/活動詳細資訊 <<<<<<

Read all about it here.


April 26|4月26日

聽見泛音 ‧人聲詠唱音樂會

2024/04/26(五) 19:30- 20:10
Suezu, Kovida, Amang, Sunny, Jackal, Haopin
提醒您要 預先訂位 喔~~

December 21 – 24 |12月21-24日

Voice Yoga Winter Retreat  聲音瑜伽:冬至療癒假期

 >>>> Learn more/活動詳細資訊 <<<<<<

Read all about it here.




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