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Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat


December 21- 24 2023

Be timeless in sound


Three and a half days of intense explorations of voice and movement for body-mind balance and creative, vibrant well-being.




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Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat 2022. Photo: Jackal Mei




In Voice Yoga’s dynamic group process, you go beyond your habits and expectations. Something larger than yourself emerges: a flow of hidden creative potential.

Grounded in physical exercise such as yoga or contact improvisation, we work with all kinds of sounds without meaning and without emphasizing a beautiful singing voice. Pure, direct expressions and sensations of physical resonance and vibration through mouth, limbs, hips, feet, skin and inner organs.


We go beyond common subject-object and mind-body dualities, and bring our unconscious selves and sometimes irrational emotions to the surface. The group process becomes a mirror for the self and allows us to ‘see’ ourselves more clearly, to hear what’s living deep inside. The result is often of a surprising clarity and immediacy.





We start Thursday Dec 21st at 9 AM and suggest you arrive the evening before.
We finish after lunch on Sunday 24th, around 1:30 PM.

Day 1
9:00-12:30 introduction to the program. Light exercising, breathing exercises, start moving, toning, improvising. Deep sleep session is usually included!
12:30-14:30 lunch & siësta
14:30-16:30 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

16:30-17:00 Tea time
17:00-18:00 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

18:00-19:30 dinner & rest
19:30-21:30 observe and celebrate today’s Winter Solstice


Day 2, 3, 4 (half day)
9:00-12:00 Slow meditative warm up, mild to vigorous exercising, toning, noise making. Once again: restorative (half-)sleep/dream.

12:30-14:30 lunch & siësta
14:30-16:30 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

16:30-17:00 Tea time
17:00-18:00 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations
18:00-19:00 dinner


On Day 3, our last evening, after the Solstice and before Christmas Eve, we will jointly celebrate the change from darkness to light. Participants can contribute a memory or reflection, a song, a dance, individually, en groupe, as a duo, whatever comes up. Consider to bring an instrument you play, candles to lighten up the atmosphere, a special garment or hat to wear.





We hold our sessions in Shufang’s Energy Healing, a gorgeous yoga studio with a big garden in Dulan, Taidong. The studio has all utilities we need and is fully air-conditioned of course. We can use the big lawn outside for musical workouts in fresh air, giant rocks to repose, and shady places to rest.




The workshop attracts young, curious artists; established musicians and performers facing creative obstacles or blockades; yoga and other body-mind workers not very familiar with sound; people familiar with sound but needing a fuller understanding and experience of it; people youna and old looking for physical and spiritual development; practitioners of Buddhism and other contemplative traditions needing deeper breathing and chanting practice; busy people needing a break from work in a relaxed atmosphere. Despite the name, Voice Yoga is not a harsh or demanding yoga camp, quite the contrary: it lets you grow at your own peace and rest and sleep or observe when you want to.

There are no specific requirements to join. Ages frange from early 20s to around 75. Yoga, music or other skills are not required. We strive for a group between 8 and 12 people.



Bring a yoga mat to exercise and lie down. There are sitting cushions and also chairs if you cannot sit on the floor for long. Bring something to cover yourself when we repose or meditate. Bringing an instrument is a good idea (no need to play it well; a percussive instrument is always good).


Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat 2022. Photo: Jackal Mei



English + Chinese



Mark van Tongeren is a Dutch sound explorer with a deep interest in the synergy of arts, sciences and contemplative traditions. Mark has 30 years of experience in theatre, music and dance productions and holds a PhD from Leiden University’s Academy of Creative of Performing Arts. He practices yoga for some twenty-five years and all kinds of voice/music/performance practices for 35 years. His enterprise Fusica was established in 1998 to explore intersections of sound and the arts (music) on the one hand, and science and academica (fusikè, physics) on the other, with .





This workshop is brought to you by organiser Jackal Mei, translator Sunny Chen and hosted by Shufang Wang.

Administrative assistance by Hsi-Yin Chang.

Jackal, Sunny, Mark


For any questions about the contents in English, ask Mark.


Phone 0910382749


For any questions about the contents in Mandarin, and for lodging, travel and food details, ask Jackal.



For registration and payment issues ask Hsi-Yin.

Hsi Yin:





Regular: NT$ 29.500

Early Bird: – 25%. NT$ 22.125. (2 weeks, till October 19)

Early Bird 2: – 15%. NT$ 25.075 (3 weeks, till November 9)

Doubters’ Discount: – 10%. NT$ 26550 (till 1 month before workshop, November 23)

Poor Struggling Artists Early Bird: – 20%. NT$ 23.600. (Register up to November 23).

Mark’s Old students; TOSA members; students (ID card); seniors without sufficient income:  – 20%. NT$ 23.600.

Bring a friend: – 1000 NT$ (can not be combined with early bird discounts or artist price).



– Tuition fee

– All lunches and diners (including Sunday lunch)

– Insurance


– Transport to Taidong

– Lodging





– Please complete your online application form , and transfer application fee.

– online application form:
– After transferring, please SMS, Line, or email to inform Hsi-Yin with your name, and the last 5 numbers of your bank account
– After receiving your fee, we will send a confirmation email in 5 days, and invite you joining our line group for more event detail.



Bank code: 822.

Name of bank: China Trust

Beneficiary: Mark Christiaan van Tongeren

Account number: 163540306745

Make sure to send an email to Hsi-Yin after your payment. We will confirm reception as soon as possible.





We try to keep prices reasonable. If you cannot make it for some reason, we will return 80% of deposit fees up to 2 weeks before the event, 50% in the second week before starting date, and no refund in the last week leading to the event. In case of proven COVID-19-related problems we can give a refund (minus admin charge) or save the registration and fees for a next workshop.





By signing up you automatically acknowledge your understanding that this retreat sometimes involves strenuous physical exercise, potentially disrupting body-work and emotionally charged sessions with a deep impact on your well-being. It is understood that you yourself best know of any risks (physical, emotional, psychological) and that there is no pressure or obligation to do each and every exercise. By joining this retreat you accept the consequences and state your intention to complete it till the end. You waive all rights to seek or receive compensation in case of injury, loss or damage.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat in the case we do not reach the minimum number of participants, between 4 and 2 weeks before starting date; in this case all paid workshop fees will be promptly returned. We are not responsible for expenses for the BnB or transport.




Mark’s Voice Yoga runs for over 10 years and brings together decades of creative, vocal expression, yogic discipline and contemplative traditions.

Voice Yoga is neither yoga as you see all around you, or music as you hear it every day. It is a personal, artistic synthesis of a wide range of musical, resonant, theatrical, contemplative and physical arts. What binds them together is Mark’s unique synthesis and his vision to create a strong sense of flow, no matter what the activity is. Serious workouts smoothly blend with unforgettable (and unrepeatable!) musical creations, deep breath work morphs into contact improv and vocal exercises into absurdistic theatre.

This retreat will give you a big boost, whether you are a musician, dancer, yoga teacher, actor, or just interested in working on your personal growth through the connections between sound, body and mind. No problem if you’ve never done yoga before!





For a taste of this retreat,

come to one of the weekly Voice Yoga

classes in Taipei for a 2-hour session.

Classes will resume again soon, ask for the details.









“I felt many sounds inside me first time and I felt there is an inner space inside my body. That was an very powerful experience for me. The body wasn’t what I knew before. I felt peace when you sang… I do have a lot of fun when you want us imitate your voice… Every time when we make sounds together I feel I am decomposing and putting every part of me in one again. “

– Judith

” Your class shows me the magic of breath and voice. This makes my inner child very happy. “

– Nancy

” I enjoyed the class very much today. You had everyone engaged and creatively expressed as well as discharging and recharging well. “

– Tina

” More than ever, it brings back my childhood so I can play again. “

– Kovida

” Your class shows me the magic of breath and voice. This makes my inner child very happy. “

– Nancy

” Voice Yoga helps me feel lighter. “

– Jennifer

” I enjoy a lot and feel relaxed, this is a special course for me. “

– Judy

” This is better than sex! “

– Tammy





一期一會 人聲與想像力的年終慶典






關於聲音瑜伽 療癒假期

在聲音瑜伽的動態團體過程中,你將超越自己的習慣和期望。看見比自我更廣大的自己開始甦醒: 那些隱藏著的創造力開始顯現,如河水般開始流動。








































儘管名為Voice Yoga,但這並不是一個嚴格或苛刻的瑜伽營,相反,它讓您按照自己的節奏成長,休息、睡覺或觀察都是可以的。 參加工作坊無需特定要求。年齡從20多歲到約75歲不等。不需要瑜伽、音樂或其他技能。我們希望參加的人數在8到12人之間。







2021聲音瑜伽 冬至療癒假期。 攝影:Jackal Mei




英語 + 中文即席翻譯






Mark van Tongeren 是一位荷蘭聲音探索家,對藝術、科學和冥想傳統的交互作用深感興趣。Mark 在戲劇、音樂和舞蹈製作方面擁有 30 年的經驗,並獲得萊頓大學創意表演藝術學院的博士學位。他練習瑜伽有約二十五年的經驗,並在聲音、音樂、表演等各種實踐領域已有 35 年的經驗。他的品牌 Fusica 成立於 1998 年,旨在探索聲音和藝術(音樂)以及科學和學術(fusikè,物理學)之間的交集。




帶領者: Mark Van Tongeren
翻譯: Sunny Chen
活動規劃兼攝影: Jackal Mei

場地主人: 王曙芳



Mark 和惜音


  • For any questions about the contents in English, ask Mark:

Phone/LINE:  0910382749



  • 課程內容、食宿問題,請聯繫Jackal Mei:

Line ID:jackallala

手機號碼:+886 936596910


  • 報名、匯款問題,請聯繫惜音:

Line ID:hsiyin724




1) 工作坊可能會有劇烈肢體運動,引起身體跟心理的衝擊。

2) 工作坊中的每項活動都不是強制性的,你必須衡量自身狀況(身體/心理/情緒)來決定要不要參與。

3) 你會對自己的身體及心理狀態負責,主辦方不承擔任何相關的傷害、損失及賠償責任。





  • 一般價格:新台幣 29,500元
  • 超早鳥優惠: 75折, 新台幣 22,125元(至10月19日)
  • 早鳥優惠:85折, 新台幣 25,075元(至11月9日)
  • 懷疑者優惠: 9折。新台幣 26,550元(至11月23日)
  • 財務困難的藝術家優惠: 8折。新台幣 23,600元(至11月23日)
  • 舊生/TOSA會員/學生(持學生證)/無足夠收入的年長者: 8折。新台幣 23,600元。
  • 帶一位朋友: – 1,000新台幣(不可與早鳥優惠或藝術家價格結合使用)。







* 交通

* 住宿













課程前29-15天取消報名,主辦方將保留50%費用。 課程1-14天取消報名,主辦方將不退任何費用













歡迎來參加台北每週一次的聲音瑜珈課程, 每堂課為2小時。





Spring Program 2024






「第一次我感到內心有許多聲音,我感到我的身體內有一個內在的空間。這對我來說是非常強大的經驗。這個身體不再是我以前所知道的。當你唱歌的時候,我感到平靜…當你要求我們模仿你的聲音時,我覺得非常有趣…每次當我們一起發聲時,我感到自己正在分解,然後再重新組合每個部分。」- Judith

「你的課程向我展示了呼吸和聲音的魔力。這讓我的內在小孩非常開心。」- Nancy

「我非常喜歡今天這堂課。你讓每個人都參與其中,充分表達自己,並且有很好的放鬆和充電。」- Tina

「這比以往任何時候都讓我回想起我的童年,所以我可以再次玩耍。」-  Kovida

「聲音瑜伽幫助我感到更輕盈。」- Jennifer

「我非常享受,感到放鬆,這對我來說是一門特別的課程。」- Judy 

「這比性愛還要棒!」- Tammy


Spring Program 2024

Concerts, workshops and other upcoming events.

Details below



Mark is taking a short break from physical workshops and postponing some that were planned already to later this year.
Please check back here, get on the email-list  or ask to be notified for a specific workshop.

April 15|4月15日

Free Online Overtone Singing Class 免費泛音詠唱線上課

From now on I start teaching online one-on-one voice classes!
I am offering two free online sessions for two learning pathways that you can just try out if you are interested, without further obligations.
If you have any issues with your overtone singing technique, overall resonance or vocal delivery, or wish to develop more grounding or authenticity in your voice, I am here to help with that.
So to start with, I have outlined two main sorts of questions that I can help with:
1. overtone singing in a therapeutic way,
2. overtone singing as a musical, artistic path.
The first one does not emphasise too many technical issues and musical terms, and is more focused on being completely present and as resonant as needed (a big booming sound is certainly not what everyone needs, on the contrary).
The second path is for those who want to know exactly what overtones they sing and use that in musical contexts. Obviously, the two paths can be totally mixed up. Personally I have always combined the therapeutic with the artistic. But not everyone is interested in scales and intervals, neither do they need to be, so if you decide to take some lessons this is one thing that you need to figure out.
In online classes, you will
– try out some exercises with me
– get your questions and concerns answered
– understand more about my overtone singing approach
Do join if you like! Just sign up and we give you the access details.
Free Online Overtone Singing Class – Therapeutic Pathway
▶ Date & Time: 15. April 19:00
Free Online Overtone Singing Class – Artistic Pathway
▶ Date & Time: 15. April 20:00
▶ Place: Online (Zoom meeting)
▶ Fee: FREE!
▶ Language: English
▶ Sign up:
(Once signing up through this link, we will send you the link to the online meeting room as soon as possible. You will be automatically added to my mailing list. You can unsubscribe at anytime).


April 18|4月18日

Perfect Improvisation 完美即興

>>>> Learn more/活動詳細資訊 <<<<<<

Read all about it here.


April 26|4月26日

聽見泛音 ‧人聲詠唱音樂會

2024/04/26(五) 19:30- 20:10
Suezu, Kovida, Amang, Sunny, Jackal, Haopin
提醒您要 預先訂位 喔~~

December 21 – 24 |12月21-24日

Voice Yoga Winter Retreat  聲音瑜伽:冬至療癒假期

 >>>> Learn more/活動詳細資訊 <<<<<<

Read all about it here.




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Book and Audio Anthology published

A few days ago, Overtone Singing – Hidden Dimensions of the Human Voice has arrived at its distribution centers in the US (NY), Europe (Haarlem) and Taiwan (Longtan). Publisher David Rothenberg produced a beautiful midway solution between paperback and hardcover book, called ‘flexibound.’

That was the signal to also let the Anthology of Overtone Singing go public. First of all on Bandcamp, where the audio is now available for streaming or purchasing. I also submitted all tracks to Apple Music, Spotify etc. etc. 25 Artists that are not featured on Apple Music and Spotify yet now will be represented there. It took me about a year of preparations and it meant not a small thing to press that ‘SUBMIT’ button to me.




So book and music are available now from Terra Nova Press, from me and next week also from a European address. We are still working out the best solution to offer the music and the book in one go. For the moment, the book is available through Terra Nova Press and by writing to me directly, while the Anthology is available in Bandcamp. Possibly we offer both in one package very soon.

There is a limited number of books available with a CD that is nearly identical with the streaming version from Bandcamp: just two tracks have been shortened a bit to fit onto the CD format. Details will soon be published on Bandcamp; you can also write to me if that is what you need.

The major platforms will  start selling and shipping the book in December or January.

For now, get it directly from one of us!

Book on Terra Nova Press:

Book and/or Anthology Album on Bandcamp:


You will find more details about the book on this page.


Overtone Singing Book Pre-Sale started


After three years of editing (text), drawing, scanning (illustrations), mastering (audio) and revising under the guidance of very capable editors, Overtone Singing – Hidden Dimensions of the Human Voice is now getting ready for printing and distributing. It was nearly 20 years ago when I first met the new publisher, David Rothenberg, in his upstate New York village, after attending the Small Publisher’s Fair in New York City. We became friends, met here and there every once in a while and kept up a correspondence about many issues, such as the music of birds and other creatures, which is his special theme. Some years ago he launched his own press and so we came to talk about my book Overtone Singing, which needed a thorough update and revision.

Pre-order Overtone Singing at your local bookstore (US only)

Pre-order Overtone Singing on

Pre-order Overtone Singing on Book Depository – free world-wide delivery


Many things have been changed compared to the original book, so much so that I think this is the definitive version. Why? Because the contents became more and more integrated, my views more balanced, I dared to speak out criticisms more clearly, I updated myself about aspects that I thought were poorly represented (such as the healing and therapeutic aspects of overtones). Not to mention the development of the field itself in these 20 years: female overtone singers are once again well-established instead of marginal, the khöömei ‘traditions’ have developed in many directions and become modern in many ways, and they have popped up in new places where we did not really expect them (such as China, to mention one controversial case I discuss).


I also had the great fortune to do research about the ‘multi-part’ (that is, choral) traditions of overtone singing (Tibet, South Africa, Sardinia) and to make recordings there. I am quite proud about the accompanying audio guide, which is now called The Anthology of Overtone Singing and will be available in many places soon. I have been to nearly every place with an overtone singing tradition and keep on investigating these fascinating traditions in person, wherever I can. I think my new Physics chapter sets a good standard for what is possible technically, with updated drawings by own hand. The lessons learnt from several projects for which I have created new works for overtone singers have been really important for that: the Paraphony Laboratory and the Parafonia group, the Superstringtrio, and now IUooUI in Taiwan. In another way this book finally got the form I had always wanted it to be. Despite the help of several capable readers and editors in previous versions, there were still quite some mistakes in terms of English usage. Thanks to a thorough review process, there is no more engrish now!



What we are hoping for now, is to get enough backers for the crowdfunding campaign. OK, let me explain, for those who get confused. Crowdfunding is when you buy and pay for something that does not yet exist, but which you hope and wish will go into production: a book or music project, or a new model electric toothbrush – it can be anything, really. A backer is internet lingo for a supporter, which is simply a client who buys something, or someone who pays more to support a project and receives something extra on top. So without further ado, please check out the campaign for the Overtone Singing book on, and order a book by clicking on the link below.


You will be among the first to receive the book and I will be eternally grateful to you! If you have any questions or problems with Indiegogo, you can always write to me directly.

You will find all the details about the book on this page.





Pictured from top to bottom: Sainkho Namtchylak with guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi; singers from Castelsardo, Sardinia; Musicians from Nqoko, South Africa; Khöömei Day in Tuva, 2018;Andreï Öpei and Valeriy Mongush from Tuva; the author with Trân Quang Hai, renowned overtone singing researcher, onstage in Kyzyl, Tuva, 1995.

Late 2019 Hong Kong workshops cancelled

Due to all the uncertainties in Hong Kong, the Soundtherapy Hong Kong team decided it is not a good time to run my regular Hong Kong workshop Outer Voice – Inner Voice. So we cancel the workshop. Here is the original post with announcement and some photos from the workshops 2014-2018.

If you want to learn overtone singing with me but do not need a Chinese translation, then the workshops in Hong Kong may be something for you. Most workshops in Taiwan are with translation, which means we lose some time for interpretation. This November workshop in Hong Kong is the next opportunity to do an English-only workshop, other opportunities in Winter and Spring 2020 will be announced here soon.

(Link to Chinese version)


First workshop location in Hong Kong, 2014

I have had such fantastic experiences during the Hong Kong workshops over the past six years and would like to look back through some photos. The first workshop I did was during the Umbrella Revolution in 2014 – though the umbrellas you see in the first photo were not related to the protest. The previous visit (late 2018) was just days after a violent typhoon struck Hong Kong, locking people in their homes with the wind bashing on their windows and rains creeping in through the windowposts. On the beach (last photo) we found the remains of shops that were completely destroyed. In between you will find mostly happier moments shared with students and Jennifer and Jasmine. And at the bottom my ‘Courage!’ statement for the many friends in Hong Kong.


With Jasmine Hui of Soundtherapy Hong Kong at the workshop location, a comix and animation center.


The fantastic Soundtherapy Hong Kong team and me have revamped the annual Outer Voice ~ Inner Voice workshop to make it a bit more accessible and diverse. At the same time old students will find some new themes to progress further in their exploration of overtone singing and the endless possibilities of the colours of the human voice.


The general idea is for starters to come to Part One ~ Outer Voice (day one) and from there to continue with Part Two ~ Inner Voice (day two and three). Old students can directly come to Part Two ~ Inner Voice, if they wish. Within these two blocks there are still six  themes to chose from – or you can do them all.





Session 1. Breath, Prana & Movement

Breath is one process in the totality of prana / life force, and the one that drives our vocal sound too. We slowly build up our vocal practise from the breath and from movements. From relaxation we start a journey to learn new ways of sounding and moving. Familiar, everyday patterns become tools for transformation. Plenty of group chanting and toning, too.

Session 2.        Sounds and music to lose and find yourself

We continue our exploration by shaking up things a bit more. Going wild and extreme one moment, contemplating sound and self another. Focus and un-focus. By doing less than we normally do, we notice more. We return to a primary knowledge that sits at the centre of the body-mind-division: sonic phenomenology. Musical games/meditations/dances. Serious fun. Anything is possible, and nothing too!


Projecting vowels into the body






Session 3. Cosmic Listening

After some energising Voice Yoga we dive into the subtler realms of vowels, resonance and overtones. You take your first steps in The Art of Listening 2.0. Break through your habitual patterns of sounding and hearing. Expand your awareness of voice physiology. Cosmic listening to overtone singing with the sruti box and hear your own harmonics. Getting back to the more vigorous shake-ups of the day before whenever needed.

Session 4. Your Voice, Your Resonance, Your life

Overtone singing is not easy and pursuing mere technique in itself can be a burden. Armed with new understandings and experiences of the hidden dimensions of the human voice, we ask ourselves where we want to go with it. How do you resonate? What makes your voice unique? Love it or hate it? Every voice and every path is different. Pushing our vocal limits, we collectively embrace failure. And return to soothing vibrant sonic meditations.


Holland Street


Session 5. Mantras, Chants and Sound poems

In an age of media technologies we have silenced ourselves and forgotten our ancestors’ songs. Mantras are among the most ancient sound tools around and we can still learn from them. The repetitive vibrations of chants also awake slumbering resonances in our body-mind. Add to that 21st century Sound Poems flavored with overtones and we have a complete palette of tools to revive the lost sonic core of our selves.

Session 6. Paraphony

Paraphony means: there is no such thing as objective sounds. Sound is shaped by your ears, your awareness, your mood … always in flux. In our last session, we throw ourselves into the creative process of making music by and for ourselves and each other. The more we live by our creative impulses—be they noisy and chaotic or contemplative and balanced—the deeper we get to know ourselves and the world around is. Resonating together, we attune ourselves to ever subtler sounds of tones, overtones and elusive acoustic realms. Grasping these phenomena, we manifest our own voice, bring it out in its own unique glory.


PART I ~ Session 1 and 2:

Date: 22 Nov 2019 (Fri). Time: 10am – 1pm + 2:30pm – 5:30pm

PART II ~ Session 3 /4 and 5/6: 23-24 Nov 2019 (Sat – Sun), Time: 10am – 5:30pm
To register Session 3-6 (Part II), you’re required to register for either Session 1 or 2 first. Past students can directly register for Part II without taking Session 1 or 2.

Venue (All Sessions): Sound Therapy Hong Kong

For registration go to the Soundtherapy Hong Kong website here and on Facebook.


Awaken your potential:

  • –     >    to listen better
  • –     >    to hear and sing the natural overtones in your voice
  • –     >    to understand your inner drives better
  • –     >    to diversify your voice

After this 3 days workshop, you will go home with a renewed sense of self through a fresh look and ‘a fresh ear’ at your voice. You will have a fuller understanding of its complex vibratory mechanisms, and get many new ideas how these operate at the point where body and mind are merged in a greater whole.  You learn techniques to better hear the world around you and inside you. These tools help you to gradually increase your musical/sound awareness, to know what needs to be healed and how to do that.

For whom?

No previous musical or vocal experience is required. Just bring a healthy dosage of curiosity and willingness to explore. The starting point is your own path as a speaker, as a communicator, as a person who enjoys music. Or simply as a human being. This workshop is beneficial for musicians and artists, for healers and therapists, and for anyone looking for more direction, meaning and depth in their lives.



Improvising theatre director Ho Ying Fung and Wu Wentsui brought me to this fantastic streetperformance in January 2018

Courage, Hong Kong!

It is my sincere wish that Hong Kong remains as much as possible as it is now:

  • a relatively free space within the larger Chinese boundaries
  • a place where Cantonese people with a democratic inclination determine the political, economic, cultural course of their unique region
  • a peaceful and culturally diverse hotspot where people from around the world live and work together without an over-active state apparatus encroaching upon their lives

My prayers go out to my Hong Kong friends and everyone else suffering from the human violence and psychological pressure. I pray too for the perpretators because it is, in my point of view, them who need to find peace of mind more than anyone else.


After the violent typhoon of September 2018

RESONANCE course 2017-2018

For English scroll down, or ask for digital brochure by mailing us.


聲音的共鳴 年度工作坊
2017 – 2018
探索人類聲音隱藏的淺能—用泛音跟新的音質來創造音樂; 以新的方式傾聽世界以及自己的聲音; 用自己的聲音作為轉變與進行更有效的表達的工具。


Una Kao

要如何找到自己的聲音? 要怎麼做自己? 要如何不再做自己,而成為另一個人? 另一個你想成為的人?

要如何感覺自己整個存有共鳴,活著的,完整的……對自己的存在感到自在,可以在他人面前展現真正的自己? 和其他可以做自己的人相會;不用特別有禮貌或是維持外表的和諧?

在德蘇(Mark van Tongeren)的聲音的【共鳴】課程中,音樂—特別是人聲—會是幫助你達到以上目標的工具。探入你的靈魂深處,顛覆你的心思跟想法,甚至改變你的物質身體。把「一個人自身」不同的「部份」重新結合,化為一個能夠共振的整體;成為一個震動、脈搏和頻率的交響樂。




【共鳴】工作坊(十堂課)學費總計17,500 NT$。

*早鳥優惠: 85折,請於10/20前報名

時間: 2017年12月 ~ 2018年4月
每月間的星期六10:00 am~17:00 pm,共十堂課。

免費試聽課程: 2017年11月3日




中文報名請洽: / 0912-024-285 陳亮伃
英文報名請洽: / 0910-382-749 Mark van Tongeren


德蘇(Mark van Tongeren)是一位聲音探險家,長期關注藝術與科學領域之間的協同作用。作為一位自學而成的音樂家,他參與多項戲劇、音樂與舞蹈製作和錄音。為荷蘭萊登大學表演藝術學博士。現任國立政治大學講師。




Explore the hidden dimensions of the human voice.
Make music with overtones and new timbres.
Listen to the world and to yourself with new ears.
Learn how to use your voice as a powerful tool for transformation and better communication.

By taking time to breathe and to listen to all the ways in which the body and the world resonates, we open up an amazing path of discovery and creative, therapeutic learning. – Mark van Tongeren

What impressed us is the way of your teaching … subtle, perceptual, respective, creative, fun and updated. Thank you sincerely. – Una Kao

How to find your own voice? How to be who you are? How not to be who you are, but to become someone else? Someone you wish to be?

How to feel your whole being resonating, alive, complete …. to feel at ease with yourself, and to be completely YOU while in the presence of others? To meet others around you who can also be themselves, without acting nicely, or keeping up appearances?

In Mark van Tongeren’s R E S O N A N C E course, music, and most of all, the human voice, is the foremost instrument to achieve precisely that goal. To reach into the greatest depths of your soul, to stir your mind and your thinking, even to change your physical body. To bring all these disparate ‘parts’ of ‘a single self’ together in a fully resonating whole, a symphony of vibrations, pulses, frequencies.

The backbone of this training program is the overtone singing technique. Overtones are like a world of their own residing within the timbres of your voice. You will deeply immerse yourself in the fundamental harmonic laws of musical sound We will come back again and again to change the way we listen and vocalise, opening up to the hidden dimension of overtones, the harmonics that our voices and ears know well but our minds know not. In an experiential and personalised way you will learn to express yourself better, using a fuller range and spectrum of your voice.


We have welcomed all kinds of people in the R e s o n a n c e course, from white-collar workers and school teachers to art students and creative professionals, from computer experts to yoga teachers and people with voice problems, from male afficionadoes of Mongolian and Tuvan khöömei to classically trained soprano’s.
This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in or sensitivity for sound as a creative principle. and those seeking more balance in their live.
No previous musical experience is required. For students who have already done one or more workshops of overtone singing there will still be plenty to learn. If you are in doubt, contact us with your questions.


The course will be mostly conducted in English. Your interpreter Sunny Chen will summarise or translate entire parts of the course into Mandarin, depending on the needs.

The price per participant is 17.500 NT$ for ten classes. The following discounts apply (only one per person):
* Students and seniors with valid identity cards for the duration of the course: 25 %.
* Early birds: 15 % if you register before October 20. Extended to November 5!
* Payment in smaller increments is possible.

So much happiness and joy of being with you.
And it’s where I find ME.
I should sing it. Sing it for you.
To let you know how much you give me.
Sky from Hsinchu

I really enjoy sound flowing out freely and impulsively. Although I am the singer, I am also the listener, I hear sound coming out of my mouth, naturally flowing.
I feel sound is the language of the soul, something language cannot express.
I really wish to learn overtone singing.
I feel overtone singing opens up some unknown and unfathomable territories.
Amano from Hsinchu

Mark van Tongeren is a vocal performer working at the intersection of art and science. He has 25 years of experience in music and intermedial performance and holds a PhD in artistic research. He has traveled to the Altai, Mediterranean isles and Tibetan monasteries to learn from established masters. He is an international authority on the technique of overtone singing, both as a performer and author. He has taught at TNUA’s Music and Theatre Departments (2003-2004), National Chengchi University’s X-Lab (2012 – now) and at Canjune. He frequently collaborates with composers, improvisers, musicians and dancers in and outside Taiwan. He teaches and co-leads tours for Canjune and will lead the second musical tour to Tuva (Siberia) in Summer 2018.

Full biography:

10 days from December 24, 2017 to April 2018
10 AM – 17:30 PM.
Place: CanJune Training Centre, Daan Area.
4F, #3 , Lane 151, Fuxing S Rd. Sec. 2.

Registrations for the course or requests for the digital brochure:
In Chinese: 0912-024-285 CHEN Sunny
In English: / 0910 382 749 Mark van Tongeren


Photo credit: Yi Ching Juan, Mark van Tongeren, Jiji Liu


6 Hong Kong workshops in January 2018

(Link to Chinese version)


In January I will be visiting the great team of Soundtherapy Hong Kong again to teach various workshops around the theme “hidden dimensions of the human voice.” There are 6 themes to chose from – or you can do them all:

Workshop 1: Breath, Prana & Movement

Workshop 2: Sound Journey, Ocean of Voices 

Workshop 3: Art of listening

Workshop 4: Polyphony of the body

Workshop 5&6 : Inner Voice & Outer Voice


All workshops are either morning (10 am – 1 pm) or afternoon (2:30-5:30 pm), in Causeway Bay / WanChai.

More details + registration on the Soundtherapy Hong Kong website here and on Facebook.



Hong Kong Vertical Horizon by RJL

Hong Kong image Vertical Horizon by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, who published the photobook Vertical Horizon.