sound and body

Sound Journey: R E S O N A N C E R e t r e a t

Get into the heart of sound and voice. Four days to explore questions like:

How and what do I resonate through my voice?

How can I listen and resonate better, to others, and to myself?

How to let the overtones that are naturally present in my voice, sing?


For information about the teaser/interactive concert in Taipei early March, see here or click on the flyer:


This workshop teaches you the principles of resonance by learning the basics of overtone singing: a special way of listening to and making vocal sounds that has many useful applications for singers and non-singers alike. It requires no previous musical training.

To get an idea of what this workshop is about, listen to Mark’s TEDx talk about listening and singing overtones:


Mark speaking at TEDx Taipei in 2016




° enrich your vocal resonance

° learn to sing overtones

° connect listening and sounding to the body

° connect body and sound to movement in new, interesting and fun ways

° dig deep into your very own creative impulses

° get personal feedback to discover what is unique about your resonance

° applications in meditation, therapy …

° … for yourself, for others

° understand and perceive the subtle sounds of resonance, timbre and overtones



The workshops is related to various old and new forms of singing and chanting

° contemporary / new / avantgarde music

° Tibetan Buddhist chanting

° Tuvan and Mongolian throat singing

° early and traditional polyphonic singing from Europe

learning from traditions where music is not commercial, not an enterprise, not a staged act, not an ‘artform’




° break-through your habitual patterns of hearing and making sound

° explore expressions beyond words

° develop a new sound vocabularies



° hearing overtones in the colours and timbres of a voice

° listening meditations/concerts

° ‘ear cleaning’: make a new start listening to all sound instead of familiar patterns



° zooming into resonance by slowing down the movements of tongue, lips, jaw

° Tongue Rollercoaster: losening up the tongue to move freely

° get to know the basic techniques of overtone singing: NG (gong), RR (bird), LL (sygyt), vowel (ee-uu)


° Ocean Exercise: unlearn the fixed patterns of the speech and music you know

° Singing while you lie down, walk, stand, sit, close your eyes



° guided resonating with one or more voices

° giving feedback to each other’s voices



° Exploring and discussing the many levels on which sound works




The main emphasis is on using / applying / hearing resonance with a relaxed, more occidental voice, and not on the pressed, guttural voices of throat singing, for example Tuvan khöömei. We will learn some pieces by Mark and also create our own pieces, improvisations, soundpaintings, sound choreographies, rituals, etc.

In addition we will use instruments such as singing bowls, bells, lutes and fiddles and you are encouraged to bring your own – the greater the resonant spectrum, the better!


Your guide holds a PhD in the field of the voice, resonance, and overtone singing and has thirty years of experience doing performative and academic research. He has decades of experience introducing newcomers to the sometimes strange or difficult principles of sound. Even though those sounds govern our everyday communication, we are profoundly unaware how it works. After these four days you will be enriched with many new ideas about your own voice and those of others.



Listen to Mark singing the first sixteen overtones:

Snippet of a throat singing workshop in Washington DC, 2002:

Taipei TEDx talk about listening and singing overtones:


No experience is necessary, all levels welcome.

We’ve had office workers, people with speech problems, poets, singing bowl players, linguists, sanyassins, professional singers, dancers, academics in previous R E S O N A N C E courses. Anyone who is curious about developing her or his voice potential, whether professional or amateur or non-singer, will benefit from these lessons.


The course lasts four full days.

Start date and time: Saturday April 10, 9:30 AM

Finish: Tuesday April 13, 4 PM


The Rainbow Mountain, Jianshi, Hsinchu

An isolated, quiet haven for concentrated sound work and contemplation deep in the mountains of Hsinchu. And yet easy to reach from Taipei.

Stunning landscape, spectacular floating clouds, great health food.

Stay in-house only in comfortable rooms in several separate chalets.


Regular: 23.000 NT$

Early Bird: 10% off (20.700 NT$). Downpayment must be transmitted before 25/2

Bring a friend: 5% off (both 1.150 NT$ off). Can be combined with early bird. Both downpayments must be transmitted before 25/2.

Student/senior with ID card / poor struggling artist: 25% (cannot be combined with other discounts; )

Old students (RESONANCE, multiple Sound Journeys): check your email for extra discounts or ask us.



– Tuition fee

– All meals (Saturday lunch diner up to and including Tuesday lunch)

(if you have special request please let us know)

– Insurance

– transport from Neiwan train station to Rainbow Mountain and back.

Not included:
Transport to Jianshi
Lodging. Lodging is on-site at The Rainbow Mountain, Jianshi, where you can stay all the time, the rooming options differ a bit and are handled separately.



Mark van Tongeren is a Dutch sound explorer with a deep interest in the synergy of arts, sciences and contemplative traditions. Mark has 25 years of experience in theatre, music and dance productions and holds a PhD from Leiden University’s Academy of Creative of Performing Arts. Full biography.



We have an event to present to you what previous students did and what you can expect at the RESONANCE retreat. Join us to listen, to start resonating and to ask questions!


March 7, 2020, 2:30-5 PM

Place: Artalley Cafe

Weblink: Accupass (tickets)



In English: / Facebook / Phone 09 103 827 49



To register, fill in the google form (coming soon) and answer a few questions.

Your registration is confirmed once the downpayment (25% of total fee) is received. Book early to avoid disappointments.



Payment upon registration by bank or Paypal.

Bank code: 822.

Name of bank: China Trust

Beneficiary: Mark Christiaan van Tongeren

Account number: 163540306745

Make sure to send an email after your payment with the last few digits of your bank account.



If for some reason you cannot join after registering and downpayment, we urge you to try to find a replacement. The administration cost is 10%. With 30 days or less before the workshop, we keep the right to return only 60% of your fee. Within 14 days to the starting date, we keep the right to return only 30% of your fee, within 7 days no refund.


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In Overtone Singing, ethnomusicologist and singer Mark van Tongeren provides a fascinating insight into the timeless and universal aspects of sound and vibration. Grounded in a decade-long study of Asian music, he draws upon various fieldwork experiences, interviews with eastern and western musicians, in addition to the work of numerous scholars. He presents a multidisciplinary vision on sound that runs from World and contemporary music to the science of acoustics and perception, to music philosophy and the spiritual dimensions of music. Written in a non-technical style, this book and accompanying audio CD are indispensable guides to musicians, listeners and music specialists seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of the human voice, sound and overtones.


Read all about the book and the CD on this page.



How to order?

Write directly to Fusica.

1. Tell us the amount, which binding (hardcover, paperback), send details

Tell us the number of books you want (it makes a surprising present for your musical friends too!), and send your full name and address details. (of course we will not share your information with anybody.)

2. We’ll confirm with shipping fees

We’ll add the actual postage fee and send you payment instructions to a bank account in The Netherlands, Taiwan, or using Paypal,  Transferwise or Bunq, whichever is convenient for you.

Examples of shipping cost:

Austria, Belgium, FranceGermany, Italy, Spain, UK       € 9,- for standard delivery,   add € 4,- for Track and Trace if you like (total € 13,-). You can add one or two more books at no extra shipping cost!! (remember that friend’s birthday coming up next month?)

Greece, Portugal         €12,-standard,    add € 6,50 for Track and Trace if you like (total € 18,50). You can add one or two more books at no extra shipping cost!! (remember that friend’s birthday coming up next month?).

Allow up to six days for delivery. Due to the coronavirus the term may be longer.

Netherlands / Nederland     € 6,75 standard / standaard,   € 8,75 Track and Trace / aangetekend. Meestal de volgende dag bezorgd. Bestel 1 of 2 extra boeken als cadeau zonder extra verzendkosten, bijvoorbeeld als cadeautjes!

Russia      €18,-standard,    add € 6,30 for Track and Trace if you like (total € 18,50). Or order your copy through Sketis Music in Moscow soon. Delivery 7-20 days.

Japan    $13,- standard (surface mai, 15-25 days), $16 standard (airmail 7-10 days), add $2,- for insurance (ships from Taiwan).

USA, Canada $10,- standard, add $2,- for tracking (ships from Taiwan).

Allow up to ten days for delivery.

3. Transfer your payment

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4. Your order will be sent from The Netherlands or Taiwan

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Below: the special hardcover edition (pictured with the CD in the back). Both paperback and hardcover are printed with high quality print (paper/binding) that will last another century.



More information?

Read all about the book and the CD on this page.




Sound Journey: Cycles and Rhythms



Four days to explore Time through exciting rhythms, solemn melodies and ritualistic cycles.

Repeat repeat repeat.

Refresh refresh refresh.

Four days to reveal the secrets that Time plays with us in our daily lives.






The Cycles

In our daily lives we are constantly immersed in cycles and rhythms. Some are natural, some cultural, some personal. Think of the seasons and our biological clock; our annual festivities and celebrations, our workweek; the times we get up, we sleep, we relax with friends or family.

How do cycles, like night and day, circadian rhythms (+/- 24 hours) and the seasonal rhythms influence us? How can we understand these rhythms in a time when we are deeply changed by artificial light, the 24-hour economy and fixed working hours, year-through? How can we play with these influences, use them more consciously, adapt them to our needs and to our actual, real-life rhythms? How can we break through our most stubborn, unhealthy patterns or improve them?

No one seems to escape from frequent feelings of being hurried, being late, being busy. Time seems to be either running after us, or we are running to catch up with Time. Music, meditation, hobbies and ‘spare time’ in general are moments to catch our breath and to not feel the pressure of The Clock. Is life really moving faster nowadays?

Many lucid minds have thought about such questions throughout the ages, and our days are no exception. Using examples from many epochs and insights from East and West, we confront these questions. We will look for and find answers in biology, philosophy and science. But most of all, we will explore answers in and through music.


The Rhythms

Can we make a music that reflects all these rhythms? A music that is not just for distraction, fun or entertainment, but a music that is charged with deeper meaning, understanding, and deeper transformative elements? What does that music sound like? Will it work?

Music happens to be a powerful messenger of a deeper sense of time. It unlocks secrets of time – and then again it makes the mystery bigger. In these three days we listen to examples of music based on the movements of planets, on the heartbeat, and learn to create our own original musics along similar lines. We create our own music based on the rhythms of cells and planetary movements (can you attune your voice to your cells or to Jupiter?). We look and listen into the rhythms and pulses of our individual ‘bodysphere’, and make them audible. We enact slow rituals to catch Time in its tracks, as it unfolds – as gesture, or dance – in our limbs and escapes – as sound – from our lips. In between we pause, reflect and discuss the ongoing game that Time plays with us. All with the aim to connect more deeply and more wisely with the manifold rhythms of the life forms inside and outside ourselves.

Program day to day

Every day we explore one of the cycle forms with which we want to make music that day.

We start Thursday from the ‘median’ rhtyhms that we can feel and test most easily: those of our own lifecycle and the longer biorhythms such as breath and hearbeat.

We continue Friday with the Circadian rhythms (day-night), expanding to the largest cycles of planets and other heavenly bodies.

Saturday we finish with a focus on the rhythms of cells and organs and also of other species, and look at the full picture of Cycles and Rhythms.

By Sunday we have a more complete picture of time cycles, with attached problems, as well as a picture of the solutions: the rhythms and tones that help us tune-in to the real world.

For each day we review some of the theories, we make our own observations and discuss the problems attached to it. At various stages, we create our own musical responses: sometimes more intuitively, sometimes in the shape of simple compositions that anyone can take part in. Gradually we will get closer to revealing the complex web of time cycles in which our life unfolds, and find answers to the question what we can do to adjust our pace to the unfolding of Time.

Dates, times, prices


The full workshop lasts 3,5 days, from Thursda, January 24,  noon (+ evening) to Sunday January 27, afternoon 4 PM. On Friday and Saturday we have a program for all day (including evening), with longer breaks to let everything sink in.

The price for the 3,5 day workshop is NT$ 12.000.

Early bird (till November 5) and R E S O N A N C E students price: NT$ 10.800.


For those who are short of time (it happens), it is possible to join from Friday, January 25, evening – let us know when you can arrive so we can inform you about the reduced price.


All meals are included. Transport and lodging are not included. Lodging is on-site at The Rainbow Mountain, Jianshi, where you can stay all the time. The rooming options differ a bit and are handled separately by Sunny Chen.


Registration: through the form or write us:

Sunny Chen: ly.sunny.chen at gmail dot com / lineID: soleilc77
Mark van Tongeren: mark at fusica dot nl

Please send a clear proof of your payment (bank transfer) by email to Mark or Sunny.

Max. 12 students.

This workshop is in English with Mandarin translation.

Mandarin registration link (write us for English registration).


(也可以選擇只參加2.5天, 週五到週日)

【帶領者】 Mark van Tongeren 德蘇
馬克.范.湯格鄰(Mark van Tongeren)是一位在藝術與科學疆界耕耘的聲音表演家,擁有二十五年音樂與多媒體表演資歷,為荷蘭萊登大學民族音樂學研究博士。為向大師習藝,他的足跡遍及阿爾泰地區、地中海、以及西藏寺院。在國際上,他是泛唱表演與研究著作的權威。曾任教於台北藝術大學戲劇學系(2003-2004客座講師),政治大學X書院(2012-2014) ,肯園香氣私塾「聲音瑜珈」(2013-)。合作對象包含作曲家、即興創作者、原民音樂家、與台灣舞蹈團體。肯園科西嘉島芳香之旅領隊。2018年帶團前往圖瓦(西伯利亞)進行深度的音樂之旅。 目前與其妻溫佑君以及他們的兩位孩子定居於台灣。










每天我們都會檢視一些概念,提出我們自己的經驗觀察,然後討論相關問題。在不同的階段,我們會創造我們自己的音樂性回應:有時候是直覺性的反應; 有時是透過一些簡單的規則結構,使得所有人都能輕鬆的參與其中。漸漸的,我們會越來越接近我們生命之中時間循環的複雜網絡,進而找到我們在時間的流逝中,該如何調整自己的腳步的方向。

[對象]: 任何想深入接觸聲音、音樂的人。任何想要增進聲音、震動、及覺性的聲音音場之技巧以及了解的創作者、身體工作者或心靈修練者。對課程內容有想望者。
[語言]: 英文+中文
[時間]: 2019年1月24-27日,週四中午到週日下午四點
[地點]: 彩虹山嶺-靜淨境教室,新竹縣尖石鎮義興村9鄰93之1號
[學費] 12,000。含十餐和保險
早鳥優惠(至11月5日)/ R E S ON A N CE折扣:NT $ 10,800。

* 內灣火車站到彩虹山嶺的交通
* 三晚的住宿

[開課人數]: 最少8人- 最多12人
– 學生8折 (請帶學生證)
– Resonance 舊生: 10,800

中文: / lineID: soleilc77 陳亮伃
英文: Mark van Tongeren