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Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat


December 21- 24 2023

Be timeless in sound


Three and a half days of intense explorations of voice and movement for body-mind balance and creative, vibrant well-being.




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Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat 2022. Photo: Jackal Mei




In Voice Yoga’s dynamic group process, you go beyond your habits and expectations. Something larger than yourself emerges: a flow of hidden creative potential.

Grounded in physical exercise such as yoga or contact improvisation, we work with all kinds of sounds without meaning and without emphasizing a beautiful singing voice. Pure, direct expressions and sensations of physical resonance and vibration through mouth, limbs, hips, feet, skin and inner organs.


We go beyond common subject-object and mind-body dualities, and bring our unconscious selves and sometimes irrational emotions to the surface. The group process becomes a mirror for the self and allows us to ‘see’ ourselves more clearly, to hear what’s living deep inside. The result is often of a surprising clarity and immediacy.





We start Thursday Dec 21st at 9 AM and suggest you arrive the evening before.
We finish after lunch on Sunday 24th, around 1:30 PM.

Day 1
9:00-12:30 introduction to the program. Light exercising, breathing exercises, start moving, toning, improvising. Deep sleep session is usually included!
12:30-14:30 lunch & siësta
14:30-16:30 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

16:30-17:00 Tea time
17:00-18:00 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

18:00-19:30 dinner & rest
19:30-21:30 observe and celebrate today’s Winter Solstice


Day 2, 3, 4 (half day)
9:00-12:00 Slow meditative warm up, mild to vigorous exercising, toning, noise making. Once again: restorative (half-)sleep/dream.

12:30-14:30 lunch & siësta
14:30-16:30 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations

16:30-17:00 Tea time
17:00-18:00 Guided movement and sound practices, walking meditations, improvisations
18:00-19:00 dinner


On Day 3, our last evening, after the Solstice and before Christmas Eve, we will jointly celebrate the change from darkness to light. Participants can contribute a memory or reflection, a song, a dance, individually, en groupe, as a duo, whatever comes up. Consider to bring an instrument you play, candles to lighten up the atmosphere, a special garment or hat to wear.





We hold our sessions in Shufang’s Energy Healing, a gorgeous yoga studio with a big garden in Dulan, Taidong. The studio has all utilities we need and is fully air-conditioned of course. We can use the big lawn outside for musical workouts in fresh air, giant rocks to repose, and shady places to rest.




The workshop attracts young, curious artists; established musicians and performers facing creative obstacles or blockades; yoga and other body-mind workers not very familiar with sound; people familiar with sound but needing a fuller understanding and experience of it; people youna and old looking for physical and spiritual development; practitioners of Buddhism and other contemplative traditions needing deeper breathing and chanting practice; busy people needing a break from work in a relaxed atmosphere. Despite the name, Voice Yoga is not a harsh or demanding yoga camp, quite the contrary: it lets you grow at your own peace and rest and sleep or observe when you want to.

There are no specific requirements to join. Ages frange from early 20s to around 75. Yoga, music or other skills are not required. We strive for a group between 8 and 12 people.



Bring a yoga mat to exercise and lie down. There are sitting cushions and also chairs if you cannot sit on the floor for long. Bring something to cover yourself when we repose or meditate. Bringing an instrument is a good idea (no need to play it well; a percussive instrument is always good).


Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat 2022. Photo: Jackal Mei



English + Chinese



Mark van Tongeren is a Dutch sound explorer with a deep interest in the synergy of arts, sciences and contemplative traditions. Mark has 30 years of experience in theatre, music and dance productions and holds a PhD from Leiden University’s Academy of Creative of Performing Arts. He practices yoga for some twenty-five years and all kinds of voice/music/performance practices for 35 years. His enterprise Fusica was established in 1998 to explore intersections of sound and the arts (music) on the one hand, and science and academica (fusikè, physics) on the other, with .





This workshop is brought to you by organiser Jackal Mei, translator Sunny Chen and hosted by Shufang Wang.

Administrative assistance by Hsi-Yin Chang.

Jackal, Sunny, Mark


For any questions about the contents in English, ask Mark.


Phone 0910382749


For any questions about the contents in Mandarin, and for lodging, travel and food details, ask Jackal.



For registration and payment issues ask Hsi-Yin.

Hsi Yin:





Regular: NT$ 29.500

Early Bird: – 25%. NT$ 22.125. (2 weeks, till October 19)

Early Bird 2: – 15%. NT$ 25.075 (3 weeks, till November 9)

Doubters’ Discount: – 10%. NT$ 26550 (till 1 month before workshop, November 23)

Poor Struggling Artists Early Bird: – 20%. NT$ 23.600. (Register up to November 23).

Mark’s Old students; TOSA members; students (ID card); seniors without sufficient income:  – 20%. NT$ 23.600.

Bring a friend: – 1000 NT$ (can not be combined with early bird discounts or artist price).



– Tuition fee

– All lunches and diners (including Sunday lunch)

– Insurance


– Transport to Taidong

– Lodging





– Please complete your online application form , and transfer application fee.

– online application form:
– After transferring, please SMS, Line, or email to inform Hsi-Yin with your name, and the last 5 numbers of your bank account
– After receiving your fee, we will send a confirmation email in 5 days, and invite you joining our line group for more event detail.



Bank code: 822.

Name of bank: China Trust

Beneficiary: Mark Christiaan van Tongeren

Account number: 163540306745

Make sure to send an email to Hsi-Yin after your payment. We will confirm reception as soon as possible.





We try to keep prices reasonable. If you cannot make it for some reason, we will return 80% of deposit fees up to 2 weeks before the event, 50% in the second week before starting date, and no refund in the last week leading to the event. In case of proven COVID-19-related problems we can give a refund (minus admin charge) or save the registration and fees for a next workshop.





By signing up you automatically acknowledge your understanding that this retreat sometimes involves strenuous physical exercise, potentially disrupting body-work and emotionally charged sessions with a deep impact on your well-being. It is understood that you yourself best know of any risks (physical, emotional, psychological) and that there is no pressure or obligation to do each and every exercise. By joining this retreat you accept the consequences and state your intention to complete it till the end. You waive all rights to seek or receive compensation in case of injury, loss or damage.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat in the case we do not reach the minimum number of participants, between 4 and 2 weeks before starting date; in this case all paid workshop fees will be promptly returned. We are not responsible for expenses for the BnB or transport.




Mark’s Voice Yoga runs for over 10 years and brings together decades of creative, vocal expression, yogic discipline and contemplative traditions.

Voice Yoga is neither yoga as you see all around you, or music as you hear it every day. It is a personal, artistic synthesis of a wide range of musical, resonant, theatrical, contemplative and physical arts. What binds them together is Mark’s unique synthesis and his vision to create a strong sense of flow, no matter what the activity is. Serious workouts smoothly blend with unforgettable (and unrepeatable!) musical creations, deep breath work morphs into contact improv and vocal exercises into absurdistic theatre.

This retreat will give you a big boost, whether you are a musician, dancer, yoga teacher, actor, or just interested in working on your personal growth through the connections between sound, body and mind. No problem if you’ve never done yoga before!





For a taste of this retreat,

come to one of the weekly Voice Yoga

classes in Taipei for a 2-hour session.

Classes will resume again soon, ask for the details.









“I felt many sounds inside me first time and I felt there is an inner space inside my body. That was an very powerful experience for me. The body wasn’t what I knew before. I felt peace when you sang… I do have a lot of fun when you want us imitate your voice… Every time when we make sounds together I feel I am decomposing and putting every part of me in one again. “

– Judith

” Your class shows me the magic of breath and voice. This makes my inner child very happy. “

– Nancy

” I enjoyed the class very much today. You had everyone engaged and creatively expressed as well as discharging and recharging well. “

– Tina

” More than ever, it brings back my childhood so I can play again. “

– Kovida

” Your class shows me the magic of breath and voice. This makes my inner child very happy. “

– Nancy

” Voice Yoga helps me feel lighter. “

– Jennifer

” I enjoy a lot and feel relaxed, this is a special course for me. “

– Judy

” This is better than sex! “

– Tammy





一期一會 人聲與想像力的年終慶典






關於聲音瑜伽 療癒假期

在聲音瑜伽的動態團體過程中,你將超越自己的習慣和期望。看見比自我更廣大的自己開始甦醒: 那些隱藏著的創造力開始顯現,如河水般開始流動。








































儘管名為Voice Yoga,但這並不是一個嚴格或苛刻的瑜伽營,相反,它讓您按照自己的節奏成長,休息、睡覺或觀察都是可以的。 參加工作坊無需特定要求。年齡從20多歲到約75歲不等。不需要瑜伽、音樂或其他技能。我們希望參加的人數在8到12人之間。







2021聲音瑜伽 冬至療癒假期。 攝影:Jackal Mei




英語 + 中文即席翻譯






Mark van Tongeren 是一位荷蘭聲音探索家,對藝術、科學和冥想傳統的交互作用深感興趣。Mark 在戲劇、音樂和舞蹈製作方面擁有 30 年的經驗,並獲得萊頓大學創意表演藝術學院的博士學位。他練習瑜伽有約二十五年的經驗,並在聲音、音樂、表演等各種實踐領域已有 35 年的經驗。他的品牌 Fusica 成立於 1998 年,旨在探索聲音和藝術(音樂)以及科學和學術(fusikè,物理學)之間的交集。




帶領者: Mark Van Tongeren
翻譯: Sunny Chen
活動規劃兼攝影: Jackal Mei

場地主人: 王曙芳



Mark 和惜音


  • For any questions about the contents in English, ask Mark:

Phone/LINE:  0910382749



  • 課程內容、食宿問題,請聯繫Jackal Mei:

Line ID:jackallala

手機號碼:+886 936596910


  • 報名、匯款問題,請聯繫惜音:

Line ID:hsiyin724




1) 工作坊可能會有劇烈肢體運動,引起身體跟心理的衝擊。

2) 工作坊中的每項活動都不是強制性的,你必須衡量自身狀況(身體/心理/情緒)來決定要不要參與。

3) 你會對自己的身體及心理狀態負責,主辦方不承擔任何相關的傷害、損失及賠償責任。





  • 一般價格:新台幣 29,500元
  • 超早鳥優惠: 75折, 新台幣 22,125元(至10月19日)
  • 早鳥優惠:85折, 新台幣 25,075元(至11月9日)
  • 懷疑者優惠: 9折。新台幣 26,550元(至11月23日)
  • 財務困難的藝術家優惠: 8折。新台幣 23,600元(至11月23日)
  • 舊生/TOSA會員/學生(持學生證)/無足夠收入的年長者: 8折。新台幣 23,600元。
  • 帶一位朋友: – 1,000新台幣(不可與早鳥優惠或藝術家價格結合使用)。







* 交通

* 住宿













課程前29-15天取消報名,主辦方將保留50%費用。 課程1-14天取消報名,主辦方將不退任何費用













歡迎來參加台北每週一次的聲音瑜珈課程, 每堂課為2小時。





Spring Program 2024






「第一次我感到內心有許多聲音,我感到我的身體內有一個內在的空間。這對我來說是非常強大的經驗。這個身體不再是我以前所知道的。當你唱歌的時候,我感到平靜…當你要求我們模仿你的聲音時,我覺得非常有趣…每次當我們一起發聲時,我感到自己正在分解,然後再重新組合每個部分。」- Judith

「你的課程向我展示了呼吸和聲音的魔力。這讓我的內在小孩非常開心。」- Nancy

「我非常喜歡今天這堂課。你讓每個人都參與其中,充分表達自己,並且有很好的放鬆和充電。」- Tina

「這比以往任何時候都讓我回想起我的童年,所以我可以再次玩耍。」-  Kovida

「聲音瑜伽幫助我感到更輕盈。」- Jennifer

「我非常享受,感到放鬆,這對我來說是一門特別的課程。」- Judy 

「這比性愛還要棒!」- Tammy


O TRIOM remembers Michael Vetter


During one of my concerts in Taucha, Germany, last month, I asked the audience who knows the name Michael Vetter. Several people raised their hands. But as I expected, many people at the Ancient Trance Festival don’t know his name. Of course, quite a few more may have heard his music in the Age of Spotify: you listen but don’t know what album is playing, now that a physical relationship to the medium (as in the time of LPs, CDs) is outdated. Besides, Ancient Trance is not exactly overlapping with Vetter’s artistic direction. He was much more avant-garde, with musical influences from Baroque to Dada and Fluxus, and a host of visual influences, from mediaeval religious painting and Chinese calligraphy to comics.

In the next few weeks O TRIOM is looking back at the life and work of the instrumentalist, vocalist, painter, poet, pedagogue and ordained Zen master Michael Vetter (1943-2013). We will be showing how his legacy continues to inspire, inform and transform our performing today in several concerts, a lecture and workshops. Why? Certainly not because Vetter was such a fine overtone singer. There are and have been many fine overtone singers, and Vetter’s style of singing and performing was one of many – not ‘just’ one of many, but a very influential one, to be sure. In the 1980s, anyone wanting to do something with overtone singing went to Vetter’s workshops and bought his albums, at least in very active German-speaking areas (and The Netherlands too). Vetter set certain standards for overtone singing, for a certain period of time, and those standards hardly changed.


Michael Vetter making Indian ink drawings, Academia Caparaia, Italy, 2009. (Photograph Mark van Tongeren under protection of Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND)

The interest of O TRIOM in Vetter also started with overtone singing, but soon branched out in many other directions. For example: Vetter as a typical Zen Buddhist. He insists again and again that one should give undivided attention to what one is doing when making music (or anything else, though he would not talk about anything, but about art). And he applied this attitude in all his music, and all his other creative work, as well as his cooking and everyday life. When I read and re-read his texts, or when I go through the conversations we had and the interviews I did with him, I frequently stumble upon contradictions (literally: ‘counter-speaking’) concerning his spiritual or religious outlook. You may be looking to clarify his positions towards spiritual questions, and find that he has much to say about that. Many people felt he was a very religious person and his biography testifies to that. Certainly a believer! But then you will sooner or later find a remark in which he warns for overzealous religious interpretations. “Here and there one learns about the connection between overtones and Our Lord. That is far removed from me!” And yet, many of his art and music works bear very clear Christian (and not just Zen) elements.

It seems that it does not make sense. And that is exactly what we can take away from Michael Vetter (or maybe from Zen in general), and what keeps me coming back to him for fresh insights: there is no single, or final way to talk about or do anything. There are only temporarily, or partially ‘true’ or ‘convincing’ arguments to believe, or positions to take. As soon as one clings too much to certain truths, it is time to let it go again and look for yet another perspective .

In the weeks to come we will prepare ourselves with this in mind: try as best as you can to follow certain aesthetic and creative paths, and be always willing to throw them overboard again and replace them with something new. I am excited about this moment in our O TRIOM collaboration, which began in early 2022, if I remember well. And I salute the brilliant artist who bridged so many visions and visuals, sounds and musics, thoughts and dreams in a lifetime bursting with creative output.


Read an earlier post about why we should remember Michael Vetter here.





Lecture Transverbal

Time: 6th October (Friday) 2023, 19:00-21:30

Location: Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, 2rd floor

Speaker: prof. CHUNG Mingder (Department of Theatre Arts, TNUA), Mark van Tongeren, LU Qi Chung, LEE Wei Lin


Workshop Michael Vetter’s Overtone Singing Methods

Time: 13th October (Friday) 2023, 10:00-17:00

Location: Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, 3rd floor

Facilitator: LU Qi Chung, LEE Wei Lin


Workshop OKYO

Time: 17th October (Tuesday) 2023, 10:00-17:00

Location: Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre 3rd floor

Facilitator: Mark van Tongeren


Overtone Singing Concert for Michael Vetter

21st October (Saturday) 2023, 19:00

22nd October (Sunday) 2023, 14:00

Location: Dreamphony Hall (No. 59, Lane 97, Guangrong Rd, Luzhou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 247)





O TRIOM Artists

LEE Wei Lin

LU Qi Chung

Mark van Tongeren


Organizer| Taiwan Overtone Singing Association TOSA
Executive Producer  | Lee Chichen
Visual Design  | Bai Chi Hao
Image source | Michael Vetter

Lecture| prof. CHUNG Mingder

Taiwan Overtone Singing Association is also on Facebook.

Photos from a 2014 concert by O TRIOM






O TRIOM 紀念米歇爾·費特大師 系列泛音講座、工作坊暨音樂會



時間 2023/10/6(五) 19:00-21:30

地點 牯嶺街小劇場二樓藝文空間

講者 鍾明德教授(北藝大戲劇系)、Mark van Tongeren、呂啓仲、李維琳







時間 2023/10/13(五) 10:00-17:00

地點 牯嶺街小劇場三樓排練場

講師 呂啓仲、李維琳







時間 2023/10/17(二) 10:00-17:00

地點 牯嶺街小劇場三樓排練場

講師 Mark van Tongeren


本工作坊將概述 Michael Vetter 的創作生涯,觀察他的作品中音樂/聲音和禪宗幾個主題,以及 20 世紀 90 年代及之後歐洲對禪宗日益增長的興趣如何與費特的作品呼應,以及他如何自由地採用“okyo”並對其進行改造。並一起唱送費特的okyo以及馬克本身創作的365則向費特致敬的 okyo。


O TRIOM 米歇爾‧費特大師 紀念音樂會



2023/10/21  六 19:00

2023/10/22 日  14:00



夢響廳 Dreamphony Hall



演出者:Mark van Tongeren.呂啓仲.李維琳




OKYO詩文唱誦,極簡而留白,這是泛音音樂傳承的其一精神支脈。本演出亦是對開創性的德國藝術家、作家、教育家米歇爾·費特(Michael Vetter,1943-2013)的生平及創作致敬,他將所有作品的總體概念命名為《Transverbal》—穿越言語。






Mark van Tongeren 馬克・范・湯可鄰


主辦單位| |台灣泛音詠唱協會

執行製作  | 李紀辰

視覺設計 |  白濟豪

圖片來源 | Michael Vetter

講座講者| 鍾明德教授





Read an earlier post about why we should remember Michael Vetter here.


Introducing: IUooUI

A new group called IUooUI is going to give its first series of full performances. Most of us know each other for many years now and share a deep passion for overtone singing, throat singing and improvising with voices and instruments, as well as work on the body-mind relationship. We decided to take it a step further and create surprising performances based on all those amazing sessions we had during workshops throughout the years. We all have dreams and desires to bring the music in our heads alive, for others to hear. This is a challenge. We leave the intimate comfort zone of a workshop space. We are ready to confront an audience of curious listeners in unusual settings, and to envelop them with our resonances, overtones, mantras, syllables, shrieks, assisted by drums, Jew’s Harps, shruti boxes and more.




The name UIooUI stands for the mantra-and sutra-like phrases that we often use, inspired by the okyo of Michael Vetter (1943-2013). Michael transformed these traditional Japanese sutras to expand his own musical language, and this has become part of my own language now. IuooUI also stands for:


Of course, the syllables i-u-o-o-u-i  make a small overtone piece in themselves.

The name was proposed by our in-house poet, Amang, whose Chinese name is , which is the last part of IUooUI when it is pronounced as a three-character Mandarin syllabe, yiwoyu.

Our in-house designer JiJi Liu created the logo for us.


The name TWEAKS refers to the process of tweaking, adjusting, making things better by smaller or sometimes bigger changes. It is my hope that next week we can really tweak all the musical elements so that they keep on growing, changing and move towards a more refined shape. This week, at least, some of us were still busy tweaking, like JiJi and Sky, who came up with this after the dress rehearsal:



It has been inspiring to see how busy all members got in recent months to prepare for this first complete performance. They have been working diligently on their sounds and pieces, of which more than half is composed by themselves in smaller units. They took care of sound and light, finding equipment and personnel to handle it, costumes …


Earlier this year we have done some smaller performance, to warm up, and as teasers for our bigger program.



Sunday August 21 – 19:30

Wednesday August 24 – 19:30

Friday August 26 – 15:00 and 19:30

Sunday August 28 – 19:30

The performances will be held at VENUE, on its 5F space, No. 10, Lane 107, Linsen North Road. This is a bustling area and if you have the time, you can have diner before at a nice Japanese restaurant, Umeko, right next door to VENUE  (no. 8)!

Limited 20% discounted tickets available, please write to:
to secure your seat. Tickets:

Our Facebook and IG:



IUooUI : 全新泛音詠唱團體的誕生
8月【漪渦⿂】 就要正式公演了~
我們即將參與 2022臺北藝穗節,一共演出5場~
1:【8/21 19:30】 (日) 晚
2:【8/24 19:30】 (三) 晚
3:【8/26 15:00】 (五) 午
4:【8/26 19:30】 (五) 晚
5:【8/28 19:30】 (日) 晚