Introducing: IUooUI

A new group called IUooUI is going to give its first series of full performances. Most of us know each other for many years now and share a deep passion for overtone singing, throat singing and improvising with voices and instruments, as well as work on the body-mind relationship. We decided to take it a step further and create surprising performances based on all those amazing sessions we had during workshops throughout the years. We all have dreams and desires to bring the music in our heads alive, for others to hear. This is a challenge. We leave the intimate comfort zone of a workshop space. We are ready to confront an audience of curious listeners in unusual settings, and to envelop them with our resonances, overtones, mantras, syllables, shrieks, assisted by drums, Jew’s Harps, shruti boxes and more.




The name UIooUI stands for the mantra-and sutra-like phrases that we often use, inspired by the okyo of Michael Vetter (1943-2013). Michael transformed these traditional Japanese sutras to expand his own musical language, and this has become part of my own language now. IuooUI also stands for:


Of course, the syllables i-u-o-o-u-i  make a small overtone piece in themselves.

The name was proposed by our in-house poet, Amang, whose Chinese name is , which is the last part of IUooUI when it is pronounced as a three-character Mandarin syllabe, yiwoyu.

Our in-house designer JiJi Liu created the logo for us.


The name TWEAKS refers to the process of tweaking, adjusting, making things better by smaller or sometimes bigger changes. It is my hope that next week we can really tweak all the musical elements so that they keep on growing, changing and move towards a more refined shape. This week, at least, some of us were still busy tweaking, like JiJi and Sky, who came up with this after the dress rehearsal:



It has been inspiring to see how busy all members got in recent months to prepare for this first complete performance. They have been working diligently on their sounds and pieces, of which more than half is composed by themselves in smaller units. They took care of sound and light, finding equipment and personnel to handle it, costumes …


Earlier this year we have done some smaller performance, to warm up, and as teasers for our bigger program.



Sunday August 21 – 19:30

Wednesday August 24 – 19:30

Friday August 26 – 15:00 and 19:30

Sunday August 28 – 19:30

The performances will be held at VENUE, on its 5F space, No. 10, Lane 107, Linsen North Road. This is a bustling area and if you have the time, you can have diner before at a nice Japanese restaurant, Umeko, right next door to VENUE  (no. 8)!

Limited 20% discounted tickets available, please write to: iuooui.taiwan@gmail.com
to secure your seat. Tickets: https://www.opentix.life/event/1536284030369976325

Our Facebook and IG:





IUooUI : 全新泛音詠唱團體的誕生
8月【漪渦⿂】 就要正式公演了~
我們即將參與 2022臺北藝穗節,一共演出5場~
1:【8/21 19:30】 (日) 晚
2:【8/24 19:30】 (三) 晚
3:【8/26 15:00】 (五) 午
4:【8/26 19:30】 (五) 晚
5:【8/28 19:30】 (日) 晚

演出資訊: https://www.opentix.life/event/1536284030369976325



Summer-Autumn Program

Concerts IUooUI @ Taipei Fringe Festival – finished

Check out this full  blogpost about IUooUI.



The other special event is the very first Taiwan Jew’s Harp Festival, ambitiously called the International Jaw Harp Festival Taiwan. Ever since I came to Taiwan in 2003, I was amazed about the Jew’s harp culture. But I also noticed the painful absence of Taiwanese Jew’s harps at many of the international events and discussions. There is a new wind blowing now, and Taiwan is going to make itself heard, first of all locally, with ever more Jew’s Harp enthusiasts, but also internationally. Plans have been launched (and destroyed by the pandemic) for groundbreaking regional events around the Jew’s Harp with other South-Asian countries. I can sense that in the future this is going to expand seriously, because South/East Asia is a vibrant place for Jew’s harps, no less varied than Northern Asia, which is the center of the international Jew’s Harp world. I am excited to be the opening act for the festival and join the masters on the second night. But the real deal is seeing old and new masters from the indigenous groups, Taiwanese musicians and lots of Jew’s harp enthusiasts in the audience. It will be two days in the fresh open air, near the center of Puli town, a great outing for music lovers.
Reserve your spots and sign up for special workshops and events early.
今年是台灣第一次舉辦世界口簧琴音樂節。自從我2003年來到台灣後,我一直著迷於台灣口簧琴文化的多元性。我也對台灣口簧琴在國際會議/藝術節上並沒有取得很大的地位而痛心。不過現在有陣新風潮吹起了,台灣的口簧琴死忠粉絲要讓台灣聽見口簧琴的聲音,也要讓國際聽到他的的聲音。今天因為疫情的關係,國際參與還不是很踴躍。但我相信未來,有很多人會為了參加世界口簧琴音樂節而飛來台灣。畢竟,東亞跟南亞的口簧琴文化都是很盛行的,這些地區的口簧文化多元性不輸北亞 (也就是國際口簧琴討論的重鎮)。我很幸運的擔任這次音樂節的開場嘉賓,也會在第二晚的時候跟大師們一起出場。這個音樂節的高潮將有原住民的大師 (年輕跟年長的) 為我們展演原汁原味的口簧琴文化、台灣音樂家、還有台下熱愛口簧琴的觀眾。活動為期兩天在埔里的天地之間。
資訊: 世界口簧琴音樂節 World Jaw Harp Music Festival Taiwan | Facebook


Overtone Singing book Indiegogo campaign

It is ON now!
The fruit of many many years of work is ready to go to press.
All we need now is some backers to pay the dues and start getting this book into people’s hands, in about 2-3 months time!



Workshop Ocean of Voices

By popular demand, the workshop to sing your heart is back, in the same place in Central Taiwan where we have plenty of space to sing to and with and from the mountains, and a unique chance to go to the Bunun from XinYi and sing with them!

In three days we dive deep into the Ocean of Sound, Mark’s equivalent for the repository for musical sounds and spoken words humanity has produced across time and space. We uncover unknown traditions from around the globe, listen to examples and try out our own versions. You also learn how to create a traditional song (A lullaby? An invocation? A cheerful greeting song?) by yourself, or together, on the go. You already love to sing and already know your voice has so many shades. But only some of these shades find expression in everyday life, and now we expand this creative, sonic potential.

Join us for a celebration of the power of the human voice and of creative imagination lurking underneath the surface. Surely your ancestors knew folk songs, religious hymns, ceremonial chants: let them come back to the surface again, in a new guise. As the highlight of our exploration, the Bunun from XinYi are so kind to welcome us during their weekly singing session. You will have a chance to sing with them, up-close, and in this way you learn how they create their polyphonic songs and can try to join in with them. A first-hand immersion in one of the many living traditions of this beautiful island and a unique chance very few people have ever had!


Saturday October 22 (10 AM) – Monday October 24 (2 PM).

Check out the full blogpost for more details soon and our previous experiences with the Bunun here.


Voice Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat

22-25 December, Dulan
The popular Voice Yoga workshop, based on classes now going on for almost 10 years, in condensed, 4- day format.
This December’s special Winter Solstice retreat is now confirmed in our favorite spot in Dulan. Stay tuned for the details!
Read more here.



Concert with Sinan Arat in Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

Over enkele weken doe ik een dubbelconcert met Sinan Arat in de Oosterkerk in amsterdam. Hij is vooral bekend van zijn ney spel, zijn hoofdinstrument. Ik heb hem nog niet ontmoet maar we hebben wel overlegd hoe we het willen gaan doen. Vanwege ons beider voorliefde voor improvisatie hebben we besloten te proberen om niet twee solo-blokken te spelen met een beetje overlap, maar de uitwisseling aan te gaan. Ik ben al langer op zoek naar samenwerking met een goede fluitspeler. In Taiwan zijn die dun gezaaid, zeker spelers die een dergelijke rijke, luchtige klank produceren. Dat heb je natuurlijk in Japan met de shakuhachi en in India met de bansuri (die Sinan ook bespeelt). Maar ik werd helemaal stil van het spel van Sinan toen ik gisteren onderstaande video van hem bekeek. Van die prachtige, lange, rustige tonen, waarin de adem steeds doorklinkt, en daarmee de ziel van de speler – of van de muziek zelf zo je wilt.



Sinan bespeelt naast de ney rietfluit ook lijsttrommels en zingt, en hij heeft Indiase muziek bestudeerd. En aangezien ik de laatste jaren ook experimenteer met fluiten en met de Marrokaanse bendir lijsttrommel én omdat ik ook al jaren met Indiase muziek bezig ben, hebben we aardig wat overlap. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe dat gaat uitpakken, zijn voornamelijk traditionele spel met mijn meer experimentele benadering.


Het concert is op zondag 15 juli en begint om 12:00

Gratis toegankelijk (donaties welkom).

Adres: Oosterkerk, Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1, Amsterdam.


De dag ervoor doe ik een eendaagse workshop boventoonzang, ook in de Oosterkerk in Amsterdam, voor wie wil kennismaken met deze techniek.


Beluister ook het mooie interview met Sinan rondom de VPRO sessie.

“Sinan Arat uit Turkije speelt en improviseert op de ney (Turkse fluit) en laat zich inspireren door de Ottomaanse en Anatolische traditie. Hij wordt begeleid door Alper Kekeç op percussie. In het interview met Giovanca vertelt Sinan hoe hij kennis leerde maken met de ney.”